Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bounce Back Game!

After two horrible losses to the Islanders, The Pens bounced back against the Sabres. The Sabres have been on a great winning streak, as they fight the Caps for a playoff spot, but the Pens edged them out 5-3.

The Pens came out and look liked a fire was lite under them. It was such a contrast to the team that appeared against the Islanders. It was a fast pace game and didn't let up.

The Pens struck first with a power play goal. Geno riffled one into the net pass Miller. Sullivan and Sid assisted on the goal. Sid wasn't over with being on the score sheet.

The Sabres game back to and Leopold scored a goal. Johnson was interfered with a bit to make the second save and Leopold was able to poke the puck into the net.

As expected Sid solved the Miller goalie puzzle via a five hole goal. Sid scored off a bad angle shot and it tickled over the goal line. Sid has scored just about all his goals on Miller via the five hole. It was great to see.

Before the first period ended the Sabres Ennis tied up the game.

The Pens came out and the three headed monster of Sid, Geno, and Neal made the Sabres pay. Geno came in on the rush gave the pass to Sid, Sid to Neal. Neal put it in the net. This became Sid's 600th career point and the 7th youngest to do so.

Sid wasn't done for the night. He had some amazing puck movement from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. He was able to step up Duper who fanned on his shot, but Sullivan put in the loose puck. It was a great show put on by Sid.

The Sabres were able to put in a goal, before the second period ended. Giving the Sabres some life.

The last period was a fast pace shooting frenzy at both ends of the ice. It was crazy to watch. The Sabres emptied their net and Staal put one in to give the Pens a 5-3 win.

It was a great game to watch. Fast pace and close. One of the best games of hockey the Pens have played. Hopefully they can take his momentum into their Sunday day in Pittsburgh against the Flyers.

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