Friday, March 30, 2012

Disappointing Loss

The Pens came out of another hard loss to the Islanders. The Pens didn't come out like the team we are all know.

Last game they needed more defense and in the beginning the Pens had it, but maybe too much. They seemed to much on the defense and the Islanders getting to much zone time. The Pens weren't attacking back, just chasing the puck around in their own zone. This lead to the Isles scoring first after a great puck control cycle that couldn't be cleared.

The period ended with the Pens down. They didn't seem to come out with much effort. Then Duper lighted a spark with a short handed goal.

The hearts of Pens fans fell when Sid was hit in the face with a puck. Reeve flipped up the puck and it caught
Sid right under the visor. He went down and was bleeding quite a bit. He left the ice to go to the locker room. Good news ones he returned and they don't think it is broken. He didn't need stitches, after the game it was just swollen.

The Islanders took back over in the second period. With both a power play goal and a short handed goal. The Pens seemed to be absent from the play. The power play had five forwards and with that it was dangerous play, the Isles took advantage. This is when Tanger is needed most.

The Islanders started the scoring in the third period. The Pens seemed to be unresponsive and then Staal scored to fire them up. It seemed a little to late.

The Pens emptied the net and Geno was able to rifle on into the net. It was not enough for the Pens to come back. When emptying the net once again the Islanders scored an empty net.

A aggravating point was the Pens seemed to be pass to much, just for a perfect play and not shooting. That is not getting to their game. Towards the end they started and it helped. They should of done it from the beginning and it would of made a huge difference.

The end score turned out 5-3 with the Islanders in the lead. Hopefully the Pens can bounce back against the Sabres and show that they have a fire under them. Sabres will be hard as they are fighting with the Caps for a playoff spot. They really need Tanger and Niskanen back and it was evident in the last two games.

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