Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pens In Game Analysis

0:00- Pens came out on top with a 5-1 win over the Avs. Pens looked good and now have a 5 game winning streak!

1:26- SULLIVAN SCORES! Sullivan puts one in the empty net!

2:28- Avs empty their net and bring out their extra attacker.

5:08- Avs with great puck control in Pens zone, what a shift for the Avs. Pens finally able to clear the puck and get a change.

7:53- Pens kill off the Avs PP. Z with a great defense play and Flower looked great in the net.

9:53- Flower trips up Avs Downie (messes with Flower got want was coming to him). Downie comes at Flower, but Engo steps in. Avs get PP. Neal and Engo in box and so is Downie.

10:00- Flower comes up with huge saves. Geno gets his stakes taken out from under him with no call.

10:30- Avs Hunwick gets to the rebound with a scramble in front of Flower. Avs finally get one, wonder how much rust came out of that horn? 4-1 Pens

12:13- Duper with a chance, but it is saved.

13:45- Flower solid in the net and Pens able to clear the puck. 

14:00- Avs with great puck control in Pens zone. 

16:39- Z is released from the box and has a breakaway chance, but the puck bounces off his stick. 

17:29- Duper with another SH chance, but misses the net. (come on Duper!)

17:48- Staal with a SH chance, just goes wide. (sneaky shot)

18:40- Z with a little pay back, but goes to the box for interference (worth it). Avs get PP. 

19:34- Pens PP ends. 

0:00- Third period is underway. Pens have 24 second PP. Orpik's assist was given to Z. 

Third period

TRIVIA QUESTION: When the Pens traded for Duper who else was in the deal? Who came along with Duper to the Pens Team?

0:00- Second period ends! Pens now lead 4-0! Pens will have a 24 second PP to start the third period. 

0:04- Puck is misplayed, but Flower makes the save. 

1:19- Pens get 1:50 PP. 

1:36- Avs Johnson gets penalty for interference. 4 on 4 hockey for 10 seconds. 

3:19- Pens get a too many men penalty and Avs with get a PP. (Asham serving it)

4:06- Flower kicks out the puck. Neal with a great back check, basically did a somersault over Flower. 

5:49- Duper somehow missed an empty net. Avs players all over the goal to keep the puck out.  

6:31- Pens PP ends. Cooke really wanted a goal, bad. Orpik and Flower shut down Avs chance. Nice teamwork. 

8:32- Avs Giguere hits Cooke up high. Cooke has a few words with Giguere who mauls Cooke. Tempers flare! Flower skates to the blue line (how funny, don't mess with teammate). Giguere gets roughing penalty and Pens have a PP. 

10:57- Park is released from his prison and grabs up the puck. Gets a breakaway chance and doesn't let it go to waste. He puts one five hole to put the Pens up 4-0. Orpik with an assist.  

11:03- Pens kill Avs PP. Cooke was amazing on the PK with great effort. 

13:03- Park takes a sit for tripping and Avs head to the PP. 

14:30- GENO SCORES! Martin with a shot pass is redirect by Neal, which in turn hits the post. Geno is right there for the rebound and doesn't miss. He nets one to put the Pens up 3-0! 

15:16- Flower with a nice save on Avs Downie. 

16:15- Flower has looked good in the net. He decides to cover the puck. 

18:18- Avs kill off the Pens PP. Back to full strength

19:05- Scramble in front of the net. Neal was in the middle of it. Avs swipe away the puck. So close. 

20:00- Second period time! Pens on the PP

@pensrock got the answer for trivia right and was the first! CONGRATS! It was Alex Goligoski.

TRIVIA QUESTION: who did the Pens trade for Neal and Niskanen?

I asked on Twitter who would be scoring next for the Pens? @pensrock I will go with Orpik, as I want him to score
Who do you think is going to score next? Leave a comment or send it to me on Twitter. 

0:00- First period ends! Pens take the early lead 2-0 over the Avs. Pens will have PP when the second period starts. 

0:20- Avs O'Reilly goes to the box for hooking. Pens get PP. 

1:30- Adams and Niskanen to a 2 on 1 chance. Nothing comes of it. 

2:48- Avs ice the puck. 

5:37- Geno turns over the puck and the Avs get a good chance. However Flower is their to glove up the puck. (He has your back).

6:28- Asham and Mcleod drop the gloves and exchange blows. Asham got in a few hits and took some. Good fight. Just need an assist! 

11:17- ENGO SCORES!! Staal feeds the puck to Engo, who is alone in the front of the net. He redirects the puck and it finds it way into the net. The two fighters are punching it into the net and not faces tonight! (so far) 2-0 Pens

12:05- ASHAM SCORES Adams pushes the Avs D back and leaves the puck for Asham. He lets go a wicked slap shot and it goes in glove side. 1-0 Pens

14:05- Lovejoy carries the puck into the zone with Duper and passes to a trailing Sully. Avs are able to break up the play. 

16:48- Back to full strength. Geno is stripped of the puck, but Niskanen comes in to breakup the breakaway for the Avs. 

18:35- Martin and Downie go to the box for roughing. Martin came in aid of Geno. 4 on 4 hockey

20:00- Puck drops and the game is underway! Pens take on the Avalanche in Denver! Lets Go Pens! 

Lines for tonight! 
Forward pairings
D pairings

Game begins in about 30 minutes! Stay tune for updates throughout the game and follow on twitter @PensHockeyShow!!

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