Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pens @ Islanders Play by Play

Pens 3 Islanders 5

Third Period

0:00- ISLANDERS WIN 5-3. Pens started coming back in the third, but it was a little too late once again. Pens need to start getting back to their game. As they face a Buffalo team that is on a run and wanting a playoff spot.

0:04- ISLANDERS BAILEY SCORES. Bailey puts it in the empty net. 5-3 Isles

0:27- Pens call timeout.

1:10- Pull goalie again for the Pens.

1:31- GENO SCORES. Pens empty their net and the Geno is the extra attacker rips on from the blue line. It goes into the net. 4-3 Isles.

3:49- Time not on the side of the Pens.

7:40- Sid with a great chance, but he can't get a shot so he tries to make a centered pass.

9:23- Pens crash the net and the puck just out of the reach of Cooke.

11:40- STAAL SCORES! Staal gets a breakaway and backhands one into the net. 4-2 Isles.

11:50- Pens PP ends.

13:51- Neal and Geno crash the net and draw a penalty. Pens with PP.

14:08- ISLANDERS OKPOSO SCORES. Pens Martin and Z a bit out of position and Okposo comes in unnoticed and puts it in the net. 4-1 Isles.

15:23- Pens trying to set up the perfect play and just need to shoot the puck. Flower with an amazing save.

17:16- Neal is let loose as Pens able to kill the Isles PP. Great PK work.

19:15- Neal heads to the box for boarding. Isles with PP.

20:00- Third period time! Pens need to kick some ass to get back the lead!

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends. Pens tied up on a SH goal, but the Isles answer with a PP and SH goal. Pens will have to pick it up big time. 3-1 Isles

0:44- Pens PP ends.

1:24- ISLANDERS BAILEY SCORES. Short handed goal. Geno can't control the puck and Bailey is off to the races. 3-1 Isles

3:10- Pens get a PP.

3:24- ISLANDERS OKPOSO SCORES. Okposo takes a shot and it hits the skate and stick of Engo, goes between Flower's pads. 2-1 Isles

5:16- Orpik goes back to the box for holding and the Isles with PP.

5:48- Back to full strength. Flower with great save on a sneaky shot through traffic.

6:00- Despres with great jumping in for the play. TK with a great chance.

7:49- Orpik in box and Isles with Parenteau in box. Some 4 on 4 hockey.

8:25- Flower with great save as the puck bounces in front of the net. Close call.

10:53- Sid makes his way back. Cut on his nose.

11:18- Isles PP ends.

11:23- DUPER SCORES! Duper rips a wicked shot that hits the crossbar and goes into the net. SHORTY! 1-1 TIE!

11:58- Staal with great scoring chance.

13:20- Despres with a nice chance, but can't corral the puck. He takes a penalty and the Isles get a PP as the Pens PP ends.

15:20- Pens with a PP chance.

15:51- Z with a nice play to stop the Isles from centering the puck. TK with chance, but Montoya with save.

17:29- Neal in front with a great chance, but his stick can't find the puck.

18:17- Sid was hit in the face with the puck. He goes down and there is a little blood. He heads to the locker room. Lucky that he was wearing a visor, it could of been worse.

20:00- Time for the second period. Pens need to get good zone time and puck movement to put one in the net. Time to get physical and get into the Isles minds. Go Pens!

First Period

0:00- First period ends and the Pens trail the Isles 1-0. The Pens will have to stay out of their own zone and get more time in the Isles zone.

0:58- Tangradi with a great effort tries to jam the puck in. Sid with a great chance in front. Despres with nice defensive work to stay with Isles player.

1:46- Pens get lucky as Isles with a wicked chance as it goes over the net.

3:40- Pens PP ends. Had some good puck movement with Sid, Neal, Sullivan, Kuni, and Geno.

5:40- Pens are getting a PP. Lets hope they can start getting some more offense going!

8:35- ISLSES REASONER SCORES! Isles looked to be on a PP as Pens letting the Isles have puck time in their zone. It finds it way in the net this time. 1-0 Isles.

9:30- Flower comes out to challenge and is caught out of the net. Geno or the post keeps the puck out of the empty net.

10:54- Staal comes rushing into the Isles zone and makes his way around Isles D. Staal all alone in front and hits the post and just misses the the open net rebound. UNREAL!

12:48- Pens with great PK. Flower with nice save and the Pens are back to full strength.

14:49- Cooke goes to the sin bin for holding. Isles with PP.

15:35- Pens finally clear the puck from their zone. Isles with good zone time and puck control.

18:11- Isles get around D and alone in front, puck just bounces off his stick. Close one.

18:52- Sid, Kuni, and Duper are reunited! Duper with a pass to Martin in the slot and Pens with good chance.

20:00- Puck drops and the game is on! Pens look to get back at Isles for Tuesday's loss. Lets Go Pens!

Line combinations as follows:

Kuni, Crosby, Duper
Sullivan, Malkin, Neal
Cooke, Staal, TK
Tangradi, Adams, Asham

Defensive pairings
Z, Orpik
Strait, Martin
Despres, Engo

Flower in the net.

Scratches for the Pens tonight are Tanger, Niskanen, Vitale, Jeffery, and Park.

The Pens are getting ready to take on the Islanders!

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