Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pens Free for All on the Jets!

 Pens get a huge win over the Jets. It was a free for all as the Pens won 8-4!

In the beginning of the game it was very flat and back and forth. Till the middle of the second period it was an even game for both teams.

The Pens PP got on the board and it was a force to be reckoned with! The two headed monster capitalized on a goal and assisted on Neal's PP goal.

Sid might not of got a goal in tonight's game, but he was setting up his other teammates instead. TK racked up two goals with great feeds from Sid. Geno got a goal with a great set up from Sid on a delayed peanlty call. Neal notched his 15th PP goal (tied with Hartnell for NHL lead in PP goals) with a pass from Geno, who got a great pass from Sid. He really deserved a goal and I feel one coming for him soon.

Geno's parents were at the game and shown in the crowd. It was nice to see Geno get two goals and have three assist to have a five point game! The crowd chanted MVP after his goals!

Neal got a Hat Trick only is second career NHL hat trick! It was great to see and to a player that has grown so much since coming to Pittsburgh. His career has just gone to new heights since he was traded to the Pens.

Thiessen was actually good in the net. He kept the Jets from scoring on good chances. He made some really great saves to keep the Pens in the game, which pushed them to the lead.
Overall the game was flat in the beginning, but in the second the Pens picked it up. On defense they could of done better to help Thiessen.

Pens get the win and lets keep it up!

Pens #1

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