Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Horrible Game! Pens vs Islanders

The Pens didn't have a good showing last night in a 5-3 loss to the New York Islanders that snapped a ten game home winning streak. The Rangers won and now the Pens are three points from them.

The night didn't start out well for the Pens as the Isles scored in the first five minutes of the game. As the first period whined down the Isles got a breakaway and put it in the net right before the end of the first. That would be the story for the rest of the night.

The Pens came out hard in the second with goals from Neal and TK tying up the game 2-2. This didn't last, as the Pens turned over pucks and didn't play well in the defense zone. It was breakaway after breakaway and the D didn't do well on cover Isles.

Flower was having a bad night. He took a puck to the mask and was tying to fix it and the refs payed no attention. A goal followed shortly after. After the fourth goal, he was mowed over by his own player Martin. The hit was hard and flung Flower's mask off. It was scary as he was down for a bit, but finished the period.

Nabokov for the Isles was hurt during the period also and the refs were sympathetic to him. He didn't play the third as Al Montoya replaced him. Flower was also replaced by Thiessen, Bylsma said after the game it was not for health reasons.

The Pens were down 5-2 after two periods. The came out tying to get the puck in the net. Nabokov had robbed them earlier and now Al Montoya was getting lucky. The Pens were having trouble getting the puck behind the Isles D and setting up puck zone time.

The Pens were called for penalties, but the same was not returned. Duper was tripped up on an open net chance (shown below). It was ridiculous.

The Pens finally were able to get a PP and then pulled Thiessen. They had a 5 on 3 play and Neal was able to score. It was to little to late. The Pens hammered the net, but the puck somehow stayed out. It was a frustrating night all around.

The Pens are at the Isles tomorrow and they can bounce back. I look forward to it.

Here is the sports cover for the Pittsburgh Tribune. Showed the hit Flower received.

Tribune cover / Pittsburgh Tribune Review 
On the bright side the Sabres beat the Caps 4-1 and now the Caps are out of the playoffs! Keep it up Sabres!

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