Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pens vs Isles Play by Play

Pens 3 Islanders 5

0:00- ISLANDERS WIN! The Pens can't get the the two goals needed and loss 5-3 to the Islanders. Get them Thursday boys!

1:33- Pens pull goalie.

4:18- NEAL SCORES! Pens pull the goalie and have 2 man advantage. Neal rips a laser of a shot into the net.

5:48- Staal pulled down on breakaway and Pens with PP.

6:05- Geno with a wide open net and doesn't go in! Refs swallowed their whistles when it comes to Pens. 4 on 4 hockey with Cooke in box. 

10:50- The Isles PP is killed off! Pens coming on.

12:50- Pens back on the PK after Thiessen called for delay of game.

13:32- Pens kill it and Thiessen with a amazing play. Sid with a chance. So close.

15:32- Sid goes to the box for cross checking and Isles with PP. Isles is a good actor as he folded up like a lawn chair.

15:40- Pens come out laying some hard hits on the Islanders.

18:47- Thiessen comes up with a big save.

20:00- Third period starts! Time for the Pens to take the lead and show the Islanders who is the dominating team. Lets Go Pens! Al Montoya in net for Isles and Thiessen for Pens

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends! The Pens came out and tied up the game, but fell apart after. Too many freaking breakaways for the Isles. The defense is going to have to pick it up and the forwards start scoring.

2:10- ISLANDERS SCORE. Another breakaway and the Isles get the goal. Flower comes out to challenge and is hit by his own player Martin. His mask is knocked off and he is down on the play. He gets up and looks ok. 5-2 Isles

2:26- Shots are 30-17 in favor of the Pens, but they need to control the puck better in their own zone.

4:40- ISLANDERS SCORE. Isles on the PP all alone on the side of the net and puts it in the net. 4-2 Isles. Flower with a shot that hit his mask and refs don't see if he is alright. Ridiculous refs.

6:06- Sully goes to the box for slashing that sends the Isles to the PP.

7:12- ISLANDERS OKPOSO SCORES. Okposo gets off to the races with a breakaway and rips a wicked fast shot by Flower. Defense could of worked a bit harder. 3-2 Islanders

8:55- Pens PP ends. Had some great chances. Sid with a change in the slot and the puck is saved by Nabokov and mad scramble in front of net. Nabokov looks to be hurt, but is staying in.

10:56- Isles with penalty and Pens get a PP.

12:28- Pens ice puck and have tired line, so they call a timeout.

15:50- NEAL SCORES! Kuni and Neal get a 2 on 1 chance. Kuni with a great pass across to Neal. Neal goes down to one knee and rips one pass Nabokov. 2-2 Tie game!

18:18- TK SCORES! Sid wins the offense face-off and Pens control. Duper takes the puck from behind the net and takes a hard shot. TK tips it between the pad and post to get the Pens first goal.

18:45- Staal with a backhand shot and is robbed by Nabokov again.

20:00- Second period begins! Pens need to start putting the puck behind Nabokov.

First Period

0:00- First period ends and the Pens trail the Islanders 2-0! Pens need to pick it up!

0:5.5- ISLANDERS GRABNER SCORES. Grabner comes flying into the zone and shoots (may of clipped Martin's stick). Flower gets a piece of it, but it trickles into the net. Flower is pissed! 2-0 Isles

0:20- Pens PP ends. Grabner comes out and drags down Geno with no call.

2:25- Pens are headed to the PP.

3:39- Asham has a great chance. Beats Nabokov and tries to tuck in the puck, but Nabokov somehow gets the glove out to deny him.

4:09- Sully and Sid with a chance, but Sully tries to pass to Sid and it is blocked. Should of shot it!

5:41- Pens kill the Isles PP. Great work by Duper on the PK and want a solid PK. 1st PK in the NHL at home!

7:45- Isles are going to the PP after Strait is called for high sticking. 2 minute penalty

9:02- Kuni is ROBBED by the pad of Isles Nabokov.

11:30- Tavares gets a bit of room and takes a shot. Flower stands tall to make a shoulder save.

12:50- Duper makes a nice pass to Staal who takes a sneaky backhand shot. Isles Nabokov just gets the pads together to trap the puck. Another close one.

14:14- The Pens need to manage the puck better in their own zone.

15:10- Sid comes into the offense zone and drops a pass off to Orpik. He rushes into the zone and takes a hard shot. Duper can't corral the rebound. So close for the Pens.

16:48- ISLANDERS NIELSEN SCORES. The puck hits the inside post and goes back to bounce off the boards. Nielson was wide open and puts it in the net. 1-0 Islanders

18:42- Sully pushes the puck to the front of the Islanders net. Cooke with two good jabs at it.

20:00- Puck drops and it is game time! Lets Go Pens! Geno's line starts!

Line combinations:

Neal, Geno, Kuni
Duper, Sid, TK
Cooke, Staal, Sullivan
Adams, Park, Asham 

D Pairings 
Z, Orpik
Striat, Martin
Despres, Engo

Flower in the net. 

Scratches for Pens are Tanger, Niskanen, Vitale, Johnson, Lovejoy, Tangradi, and Jeffery.  

The Pens game is about to begin!

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