The Fan Zone guidelines

I just have a few guidelines for the Fan's Zone. This involves comments that you leave, anyone who violates these guidelines I will delete their comments. I am not trying to be mean, I just want to keep things PG-13 and a place for everyone to be able to comment and talk about the Penguins.

1. No bad mouthing: I don't want any comments that call any Penguins players bad names or any comments that are not nice. If you don't want people calling your team a name, don't call other peoples teams names.

2. Accusing the author of being biased: This is called the Pens Hockey Show. I've been a Penguins fan for awhile and my family are fans, OF COURSE I AM BIASED! Go to if you want a "fair and balanced" recap.

3. No swear words: I can handle swear words, that is not the problem. There are young Pens fans that will be reading what you write. So lets keep it PG-13.

4. No phone numbers or email address: I am not an official of the Pittsburgh Penguins, so don't put yourself out there.

5. Provoking others, mocking, criticizing, and/or insulting others: All friendly debates are welcomed and I encourage them. I will NOT tolerate nasty comments directed to others, I will DELETE them.

Have a good time reading the blog and please follow the guidelines, I would hate to delete your comments.