Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PENS v Flyers

The Pens have had four consecutive shootouts, they have won all four!!! I would like to see a regular time win...just so my nerves can have a rest.

It is that time again, where the Pens will face the Flyers. Should be a good game, hope the Pens take care of those Flyers and continue to move towards the division lead. We may not have Sid or Geno (plus some other good players), but the Pens can win like they have been doing. Show everyone that they can get it done. I am so proud of the players and coaches for what they have done through this tough time. I think the Flyers need to meet some Pittsburgh pain, come on boys lets win!!

On another note, Flower is an amazing goalie (so glad to have him on the team)!! He should get the Hart trophy hands down!

GO PENS!!!!!!

Back in Business

Sorry for not updating the site for a long time. I have had a lot of work, college can keep one very busy. I have found a way to manage my time between school, work, and hockey. So the site will not go without the latest news ever agian. Glad to be back!