Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pens win 3-2 in Shootout against the Kings!

Sorry I didn't have updates for each period, like the other games. My internet was going in and out, so it was hard to listen to the radio on their website (I don't live in Pittsburgh, sadly) I will try give a quick recap of the game. Can't make any promises. 
The Kings scored in the first period and carried that lead into the third period. Engo started the comeback with a pass to his defensive partner Joseph Morrow, who ripped a shot pass Kings' goalie Jonathan Bernier. The Kings scored once more to get back the lead! However, Kuni finished the scoring in regulation time by scoring to tie the game 2-2! The game went into overtime, but nothing change. It was time for a shootout and it went to eight rounds. Niskanen was the Penguin to end it all and give the Pens the win. "I'm not a very good stickhandler, so I thought I'd just shoot it...And what do you know, it must have fooled him somehow," Niskanen said with a grin. Flower also had a great game and kept the Pens in the game! In the first 65 minutes, Flower stopped 20 out of 21 shots and stopped seven out of eight shots in the shootout!

Great Job!! Way to go PENS!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuesday, September 27th vs Kings @Kansas City 8pm

Pens take on the LA Kings tomorrow at 8pm in Kansas City! Unfortunately, it will not be televised=[ But you can listen to it on the radio and if you don't live in the Pittsburgh area, you can go to and listen to the action! I will try to put updates on the website throughout the game! Only three more games left in the pre-season!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pens win 4-1!!!

Thiessen is still in the net for the Pens for the start of the third period! He has really been on it for this game! Pens go on the power play! The power play is getting some great looks and almost get a goal! Nothing comes of the Pens power play! This is a very physical game and some big hits going on! The Pens go on the power play and Geno scores on the power play! Pens are shooting the puck and not trying to set up big plays and it is showing. The Pens are really bringing the pressure and working hard! Thiessen is looking really good! Geno hits the goal post on a shot! Wild score as the Pens are caught up ice on the play! Pens get a penalty for tripping and the Wild go on the power play! The Pens kill the penalty. Thiessen has made some great saves in this game. The Pens get a penalty again and the Wild go back on the power play! The Pens kill the Wild power play, their penalty kill has been amazing tonight! 9 for 9!! The Pens are looking great in this game! This game was amazing, a battle of the special teams and the Pens came out on top! Their power play and penalty kill was nothing short of perfect! Great game! Pens come out with a 4-1 win!


Period 2 (Pens vs Wild) 3-0

The second period is underway! Ryan Craig, Tango, and Nick Johnson up front, Z and Strait on defense and Thiessen in the net! Geno is just amazing, his stick handling is out of this world! I can't wait for Sid to come back and get the two-headed monster back on the ice! This is a close checking game. A lot of hits are going on right now, guys are finishing their checks (big time). Thiessen makes a amazing save using his pad and then another great save again! He is looking great! Pens get another penalty and the Wild go on the power play! Getting to be a very physical game! Duper gets a penalty for slashing!  Wild have a 5 on 3 power play for 1 minute and 4 seconds. The Pens kill the 5 on 3 and Kuni gets a shot off on the Wild's goalie! Pens kill the penalty, their penalty killing unit is looking amazing! Tanger shots hits the crossbar! Wild get a penalty (tripping Tanger) and Pens go on the power play!! Tango puts a hard hit on Cullen (a shoulder to shoulder hit) and Tango drop the gloves with Scandella!!!! 5 on 3 for the Pens! Morrow scores!! Pens go on the power play, Tanger hits the crossbar again!! Duper scores on the power play, what a play!! Geno fakes the shot and passes it to Duper, between his legs, and Duper puts it in the back of the net! The Pens are looking amazing and really pressuring the Wild!! Unbelievable, the referee calls Tanger for diving (when the Wild player tripped him up and used his glove hand to do it). Tanger and the Wild player go to the box! Strait scores on power play! Johnson gets a penalty and Wild go on the power play! Then Strait gets a penalty and the Wild get a 5 on 3 power play! Pens kill 5 on 3 penalty, Wild go on power play for few more seconds and Pens kill that penalty! Pens looked amazing in that second period and are up 3-0! Keep it up Pens!!

One more period to go!!

Period 1 (Pens vs Wild) 0-0

The Pens take on the Wild today! Today the Pens gave free tickets to the kids for this game! I think that is just awesome of the Pens organization to do that. The starting lineup for the Pens is Tango, Nick Johnson, and Ryan Craig up front, Brain Strait and Z on defense and Thiessen is in the net. Pens are looking good and pressuring the Wild early on. Niskanen makes a good shot from the blue line, but the Wild's goalie gets the puck, Niskanen is looking really good and I think he is a great player. Geno is looking awesome once again! Tango gets a good look, but his shot doesn't get pass the Wild's goalie. Tanger is looking great on defense and handling the puck really well. Pens get a penalty and the Wild get a penalty, some 4 on 4 hockey. Then Kuni gets a tripping penalty and the Wild go on a power play (4 on 3)! Then the Wild get a normal power play for 30 seconds! Pens successfully kill the penalty, did a great job of keeping the passing/shoting lanes blocked! Thiessen is a very active goalie, helping out his defense. Cookie gets a penalty and then the Wild start getting into Cookie's face, then there is a little scrap between the Pens and Wild. Nothing serious and the Wild go on the power play! Pens kill the penalty! Then Richard Park gets a penalty for holding! The Pens need to stop with the penalties and get back to pressuring the Wild in the offensive zone! Pens penalty kill is looking awesome and the Pens get a power play of their own. The Pens had some good looks on the power play, but didn't get a goal. The Pens looked great in the first period, hopefully we can get a goal next period.


Pens vs Wild 3pm (Pre-Season game 3)

The Pens will be playing the Wild today at 3pm, at the Consol Energy Center!! I hope the Pens can keep the momentum going from the last two games and get another win! Here is the lineup for tonight's game:
30 Scott Munroe
39 Brad Thiessen

Defense                                                           Forwards
2 Matt Niskanen                              9 Duper                  28 Nick Johnson
4 Z                                                   12 Richard Park      33 Steve MacIntyre
37 Brian Strait                                14 Kuni                   38 Colin McDonald
54 Alexandre Picard                       23 Ryan Craig         45 Arron Asham
58 Tanger                                       24 Cookie                46 Joe Vitale
70 Joseph Morrow                         25 Tango                 71 Geno        


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pens beat the Blackhawks in a 4-1 win!

Final period is underway! Scott Munroe is in the goal for the Pens! Staalsy scores (like a empty net goal) the goalie had no chance. Pens are picking up their game now! Pens go on the power play (boarding call). Cookie, Letestu, and Tango up front for start of power play. Pens chance to second unit for the power play. Pens are getting some good chances on the power play. Nothing comes of the Pens power play, back to 5 on 5 hockey. Great hockey right now! Pens are looking much better in this period, they are taking the momentum from the last period and using it. Cookie scores of a redirect from Adams and puts the Pens up 2-1!! Great play and a great goal! They are working hard and getting rewarded for it. Munroe makes a great save and is doing great so far in the net. Benny and Engo have been great on defense! Tango is making some great moves bringing the puck to the front of the net, great player. TK scores to put the Pens up 3-1!! Pens hold off the Blackhawks and Staalsy scores with 8 seconds to go!! Pens win 4-1, great third period.


Period 2 (1-0 Blackhawks)

Steigy put it best, "it is like a chess match." This game is very back and forth, the puck goes in the offensive and comes right back out. Not many shots, but good hits and puck movement. Z has looked great on defense! Blackhawks, Michael Frolik, scores (five-hole on Johnny) with 9 minutes left in the period. Blackhawks change goalies and put Ray Emery in the net. Pens need to pick it up, Blackhawks have had some good changes on Johnny. The fans in the crowd start chanting, trying to get the Pens going! Pens go on the power play with 4 minutes left in the period. Pens getting some good chances, Benny makes a great play gets the puck in front of the net (from behind the net), but Emery makes the save. Nothing comes of the Pens power play. Good period, Pens picked it up towards the end of the period. They need to keep up that energy next period and score a goal.

Come on PENS!!!   

Pens vs Blackhawks (Period 1) 0-0

The Pens starting lineup is Staalsy, TK, and Nick Johnson up front with Z and Alexandre Picard and Johnny is in the net. Pens are looking good and are working hard (you can tell they are attacking the Blackhawks). Tango looks really good, he is a great player (love him on Twitter). It is a good fast pace, back and forth game. Getting me excited for the regualr season, this game is great. Adams shot hits the goal post, the Pens are getting some looks. I love listening to Bob Errey and Steigy (they are too funny). Johnny is looking calm and made a great save with his hockey stick (brushing away the shot, like it was nothing). He isn't getting that many shots on him though. Pens are moving the puck well and are spending some good time in offensive zone. Pens defense is looking good, helping out Johnny. Pens get a power play for 2 minutes, Staalsy, TK, and Johnson up front with Picard and Z on defense. Pens don't score, but had some good looks at the net. Cookie gets a penalty for high sticking (he actually apologize to the guy, it was an accident). Blackhawks go on the power play, Johnny makes a great save. Pens kill the penalty.  Not a lot of shots for either team, but a good game and exciting. Second period coming up!!!


Pens take on the Blackhawks (Pre-Season Game 2)

The Pens will be facing off against the Blackhawks tonight at the Consol Energy Center, the puck drops at 7pm. Hopefully, the Pens can keep up the momentum and beat the Blackhawks. Here is the lineup for tonight's game. Should be a good game! I will post game updates, throughout the game!
Forwards                                                 Defenseman                              Goaltenders
10 Mark Letestu                                       4 Zbynek Michalek (Z)               1 Johnny
11 Staalsy                                                 5 Deryk Engelland (Engo)         30 Scott Munroe
24 Cookie                                                6 Ben Lovejoy (Benny)
25 Eric Tangradi                                     37 Brain Strait
27 Craig Adams                                     54 Alexandre Picard
28 Nick Johnson                                    78 Scott Harrington
33 Steve Maclntyre
38 Colin McDonald (late addition)
42 Keven Veilleux
48 TK
51 Zach Sill
69 Bryan Lerg


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pens get a 3-2 win over the Red Wings!

Flower and Howard are not in the net this period. Brad Thiessen will be in the net for the Pens. He has a great record in the AHL and is a really good goalie. Red Wings get a power play, Pens kill it, but the Wings score right when time expires. The puck hit the goal post and hit the back of Thiessen's legs, then goes into the net. Traffic in front of the net and it made it hard for Thiessen to see the puck. Pens still up 3-2! Wings continue to pressure the Pens, but the Pens start picking up their game. Conner, who is now on the Wings team, looks good and I still think he is a great person and player (we miss you, but we can't keep everyone). Philip Samuelsson received a nasty hit from behind, that sent him into the boards. He slowly gets up, but looks like he will be alright. Glad to see, I don't like those kind of hits (reminds me of Sid getting hurt)=[ The Pens get a 5 minute power play. Nothing comes of the power play, Neal gets a penalty for slashing (he shouldn't of done it and he got caught). They play some 4 on 4 hockey for 48 seconds. Wings then go on the power play. Martin gets called for cross-checking and the Wings get a 5-3 power play for 6 seconds. Wings get another power play with 3 minutes left in the game. Pens are able to kill Martin's penalty. Wings empty their net for the remainder of the game. Pens get the win 3-2 against the Red Wings. Tanger looked awesome in the game. But the one that stole the show was Geno. He looked amazing and I love watching him play. He is a great hockey player and I am glad he is on the Pens team (healthy). The Wings looked really good and played a good game. The Pens were just the better team. They do need to work on, not going on the defense so much when they are ahead. They do better when they stay on the attack, but they did great and it was the first pre-season game!! Great job Pens!

Go PENS!!!

Period 2 (Pens vs Red Wings)

3-1 Pens!!

Flower is making some amazing saves. He is looking good and looks great. The game is a good back and forth game. About 12 minutes in Geno makes a awesome goal. He sneaks a forehander shot pass Howard, it was sick. Soon after the Pens go on the power play. The Pens power play starts with Geno, Kuni, and Neal up front and Martin, Tanger on defense. They had some good looks, but nothing. When the second power play unit comes in, Niskanen shoots from the blue line and scores. Great play all around. This period belong to Geno. He was fantastic! Taking away pucks, amazing stick handling, and awesome skating. Flower looks sharp and did great. Pens look really good. Brad Thiesen will start in the goal for Flower in the next period.


Pre-Season Game 1 (Period 1)

Pens vs Red Wings!!!
Finally hockey is back! Geno, Kuni, and Neal started the game. Martin and Carl Sneep are on defense and Flower in the neat. Geno is looking good, skating well, and going for the puck. The defense is looking good and Tanger is very strong. Walker gets a boarding call about 7-8 minutes into the game, Pens successfully kill it. Flower is getting some early action, he looks sharp. About 12 minutes in Kuni gets the first goal on the blocker side of Howard. Assited by Geno, great play, Geno made nice a tape to tape pass to Kuni.
About 14 minutes in Kronwall scores for the Red Wings on the glove side (top shelf) of Flower. Assited by Datsyuk. Pens are getting good chances and have some nice set-up plays. Red Wings have been spending a bit to much time in our zone. It makes me nervous. Duper is looking good and almost scores.
Geno is doing great! Geno makes a sweet play towards the end of the period. He took the puck from Datsyuk, makes a spin-o-rama move in front of the net and then makes a blind pass to Tanger. Tanger gets a Tang, as the puck hits the goal post. Pens looking good, lets keep up the good work.

Sid, Staalsy, Cookie, Brooksie, Jeffrey and Z are not in the line-up (the ones I have noticed so far)


Pre-Season Time!

 The Pens will take on the Detroit Red Wings at 7pm in the Consol Energy Center. It will be televised on ROOT Sports and the NHL Network!! That means we can all watch the Pens! Ya! It is hockey night in Pittsburgh and in my house tonight! Welcome back hockey season, we have missed you! I know it is pre-season, but it is Pens hockey! Lets get prepared for the upcoming regular season!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Birthday to the Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma (41)!!!! You are a great coach and we love you for it! Keep up the great work and have a great day!


Sid is doing well!

Sid has been doing great at training camp! He is not doing any contact drills, but is not having to stay out of high-traffic areas in drills. He is not having any symptoms, which is great!! "I'm trying to do everything but get hit right now," Crosby said. Keep up the good work Sid!


9/19/11 Training Camp

Nothing major changed, normal training camp practice. Things are looking good!
Brooksie and Jeffrey did not skate today, this is part of their normal rehab. Also, Geno thinks he is ready to play!! I hope so, we have missed you Geno! On another note, Mario and Shero watched today's practice!!


2011 Pens Pre-Season Schedule

Some of the Pre-Season games are going to be televised, so here is the list for you.

Wednesday, September 21st vs Red Wings @7pm (ROOT Sports)

Thursday, September 22nd vs Blackhawks @7pm (ROOT Sports)

Saturday, September 24th vs Wild @3pm (ROOT Sports)

Tuesday, September 27th vs Kings @Kansas City 8pm

Friday, September 30th @ Blackhawks @8:30pm

Sunday, October 2nd @ Red Wings @5pm (PCNC)


Brooksie Still Recovering!

Brooksie underwent a lower abdominal/hernia surgery this summer (July 20) and is still recovering. The surgery has a recovering time of 6-8 weeks, but he is not 100%. Right now he is just focusing on getting back into game shape. He stated, he is right were he needs to be. I am glad to hear that he is recovering and can't wait for him to be back to 100%. We really need Brooksie on our defense, handing out the big hits.