Saturday, September 24, 2011

Period 1 (Pens vs Wild) 0-0

The Pens take on the Wild today! Today the Pens gave free tickets to the kids for this game! I think that is just awesome of the Pens organization to do that. The starting lineup for the Pens is Tango, Nick Johnson, and Ryan Craig up front, Brain Strait and Z on defense and Thiessen is in the net. Pens are looking good and pressuring the Wild early on. Niskanen makes a good shot from the blue line, but the Wild's goalie gets the puck, Niskanen is looking really good and I think he is a great player. Geno is looking awesome once again! Tango gets a good look, but his shot doesn't get pass the Wild's goalie. Tanger is looking great on defense and handling the puck really well. Pens get a penalty and the Wild get a penalty, some 4 on 4 hockey. Then Kuni gets a tripping penalty and the Wild go on a power play (4 on 3)! Then the Wild get a normal power play for 30 seconds! Pens successfully kill the penalty, did a great job of keeping the passing/shoting lanes blocked! Thiessen is a very active goalie, helping out his defense. Cookie gets a penalty and then the Wild start getting into Cookie's face, then there is a little scrap between the Pens and Wild. Nothing serious and the Wild go on the power play! Pens kill the penalty! Then Richard Park gets a penalty for holding! The Pens need to stop with the penalties and get back to pressuring the Wild in the offensive zone! Pens penalty kill is looking awesome and the Pens get a power play of their own. The Pens had some good looks on the power play, but didn't get a goal. The Pens looked great in the first period, hopefully we can get a goal next period.


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