Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Period 2 (Pens vs Red Wings)

3-1 Pens!!

Flower is making some amazing saves. He is looking good and looks great. The game is a good back and forth game. About 12 minutes in Geno makes a awesome goal. He sneaks a forehander shot pass Howard, it was sick. Soon after the Pens go on the power play. The Pens power play starts with Geno, Kuni, and Neal up front and Martin, Tanger on defense. They had some good looks, but nothing. When the second power play unit comes in, Niskanen shoots from the blue line and scores. Great play all around. This period belong to Geno. He was fantastic! Taking away pucks, amazing stick handling, and awesome skating. Flower looks sharp and did great. Pens look really good. Brad Thiesen will start in the goal for Flower in the next period.


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