Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pens win 4-1!!!

Thiessen is still in the net for the Pens for the start of the third period! He has really been on it for this game! Pens go on the power play! The power play is getting some great looks and almost get a goal! Nothing comes of the Pens power play! This is a very physical game and some big hits going on! The Pens go on the power play and Geno scores on the power play! Pens are shooting the puck and not trying to set up big plays and it is showing. The Pens are really bringing the pressure and working hard! Thiessen is looking really good! Geno hits the goal post on a shot! Wild score as the Pens are caught up ice on the play! Pens get a penalty for tripping and the Wild go on the power play! The Pens kill the penalty. Thiessen has made some great saves in this game. The Pens get a penalty again and the Wild go back on the power play! The Pens kill the Wild power play, their penalty kill has been amazing tonight! 9 for 9!! The Pens are looking great in this game! This game was amazing, a battle of the special teams and the Pens came out on top! Their power play and penalty kill was nothing short of perfect! Great game! Pens come out with a 4-1 win!


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