Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Season Game 1 (Period 1)

Pens vs Red Wings!!!
Finally hockey is back! Geno, Kuni, and Neal started the game. Martin and Carl Sneep are on defense and Flower in the neat. Geno is looking good, skating well, and going for the puck. The defense is looking good and Tanger is very strong. Walker gets a boarding call about 7-8 minutes into the game, Pens successfully kill it. Flower is getting some early action, he looks sharp. About 12 minutes in Kuni gets the first goal on the blocker side of Howard. Assited by Geno, great play, Geno made nice a tape to tape pass to Kuni.
About 14 minutes in Kronwall scores for the Red Wings on the glove side (top shelf) of Flower. Assited by Datsyuk. Pens are getting good chances and have some nice set-up plays. Red Wings have been spending a bit to much time in our zone. It makes me nervous. Duper is looking good and almost scores.
Geno is doing great! Geno makes a sweet play towards the end of the period. He took the puck from Datsyuk, makes a spin-o-rama move in front of the net and then makes a blind pass to Tanger. Tanger gets a Tang, as the puck hits the goal post. Pens looking good, lets keep up the good work.

Sid, Staalsy, Cookie, Brooksie, Jeffrey and Z are not in the line-up (the ones I have noticed so far)


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