Thursday, September 22, 2011

Period 2 (1-0 Blackhawks)

Steigy put it best, "it is like a chess match." This game is very back and forth, the puck goes in the offensive and comes right back out. Not many shots, but good hits and puck movement. Z has looked great on defense! Blackhawks, Michael Frolik, scores (five-hole on Johnny) with 9 minutes left in the period. Blackhawks change goalies and put Ray Emery in the net. Pens need to pick it up, Blackhawks have had some good changes on Johnny. The fans in the crowd start chanting, trying to get the Pens going! Pens go on the power play with 4 minutes left in the period. Pens getting some good chances, Benny makes a great play gets the puck in front of the net (from behind the net), but Emery makes the save. Nothing comes of the Pens power play. Good period, Pens picked it up towards the end of the period. They need to keep up that energy next period and score a goal.

Come on PENS!!!   

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