1st Place Prizes (2015) / MF
Since trivia has become more popular I am going to make it more interesting. Now you will earn points for trivia and I will keep track. You can see your ranking below and the rules/details of trivia under that. If your not on the list you haven't answered a trivia question, I will put you on here when you answered a question. (If there are no names are on the list, it's because I am getting ready for the new season!) I will be giving trivia prizes again this year!

The winner of trivia last season was MyTanger58 and the runner-up was PirateNation22 and Vinnied73 came in third! CONGRATS to MyTanger58! Can anyone dethrone our Champion, MyTanger58 this season?


Second place trivia prizes (2016) / PirateNation22 
Rules and Details

1. Each question will be two points. Extra credit will be an additional point or more, it will depend on the question.
2. If you answer first and are correct, you get the full two points
3. If your answer is correct but you aren't the first you get one point.
4. You can only answer once. If you are wrong then that is it for that question.
5. Questions are posted via Twitter to be more efficient, if you want to me post to the blog then email me and I will see what I can do.
6. I want to test your knowledge, so try not to look up the answers.
7. I would like it if you follow me. I will reward full points to followers, I have had some answer a trivia and then never again. It gets tiresome to record them all, so you need to follow me on Twitter.
8. On game days I will post two, one after the first period and one after the second period. Extra credit questions could pop up at any time.
9. I have the final decision on points and how many a person earns. I try to make sure everything is done fairly for everyone. Remember this is for fun!
10. Remember to enjoy and have fun! Thanks!

*started 3/20/12