Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pens lose by one!

The Pens lost 4-3 last night against the Maple Leafs in the Consol Energy Center. With Staalsy being out for the Pens PK fell short, allowing two power play goals. Cookie, Kuni, and Geno scored for the Pens. The Maple Leafs started the scoring and answered every time the Pens scored. When the Pens had tied it up twice in the game, the Maple Leafs went back ahead. In the end, the Pens just couldn't get ahead of the Maple Leafs. It was a tough loss, once again, and the Pens really missed Staalsy on the PK unit! Hope he returns soon, some type of lower body injury. Johnny did well in the net, but the Maple Leafs were hammering him hard with shots. The next game is against the Sharks on Thursday at 10:30 pm in San Jose. 


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pens @ Leafs

The Pens take on the Maple Leafs at 7pm in Toronto. Staalsy will not be in tonight's game, he sustained a lower-body-injury in the Pens last game! They are not sure if it is long term and we will get more details at a later date. Johnny will be in the net tonight, so Flower can get some rest. It should be a good game!!! 


Shootout Win!!

The Pens get another win as they beat the Islanders 3-2 Thursday night in a shootout at the Consol Energy Center. The Pens didn't come out strong, but they picked their game up! The Islanders went up 2-0 and the Pens started scoring in the third period. They seemed to be doing everything, but getting the puck in behind the Islanders' goalie. Kuni got the first goal for the Pens and Neal tied it up. Regulation time and overtime were not enough. So they had to go to a shootout. The Islanders goalie had sustained a lower-body injury and for the shootout, DiPietro came out for the shootout. The Pens came out on top and won the game!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flower gets a shutout!!

 The Pens beat the Islanders 3-0 on Tuesday night!! Flower received his first shutout of the season! He was amazing in the net, really on it. Duper started the scoring with a great goal towards the end of the first period. Richard Park netted his own in the beginning of the second period. The Islanders started to bring the heat in the third period, but Flower wasn't having any of it. Staalsy ended the scoring with an his own empty netter. Geno looked great and was skating circles around everyone. The Pens PK was perfect and looked like the number one PK in the NHL! Glad to see the Pens get another win and Flower deserved the shutout.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pens @ Islanders

Tonight at 7pm the Pens will take on the Islanders! Geno will be a game time decision and Z will not be in the lineup since he has suffered a broken finger. Flower will be in the net for the Pens tonight! It should be another good game for the Pens! I hope Neal keeps up the heat and maybe this will be the night for Flower to get a shutout. We will see! The game will be televised on ROOT Sports. Make sure to like the me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I will give live updates on both sites, but for more in depth ones, I would check out Twitter. 


Pen get another win!!

The Pens beat the Devils 4-1!! It was a great game for the Pens and they showed up the Devils. Tanger made is comeback debut and was great. Benny was the defensemen that was scratched for the game and Flower was in the net! Flower was once again close to a shutout, but it didn't happen. The Pens ended up with a power play for a Devil's player slashing a Penguin. He didn't end up in the box another player did. That Devil's player ended up with the short-handed goal! However, the Pens came out with the win. Unfortunately, Z was injured in the game. He went down after blocking a shot and ended up with a broken finger. He will be out for about 4-6 weeks. At least we don't have to worry about finding a new defensemen. Pens need to keep up this good work!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Devils turn!

It's going to be another hockey night in Pittsburgh, as the Pens take on the Devils at 7pm. Tanger will be coming back from his suspension and working with Brooksie. Just like the good old days! It will be a game time decision on which defenseman will not be playing tonight, between Engo, Benny, and Niskanen. Geno will not be able to the Pens tonight! Hopefully, Neal will bring the heat and get some goals for the Pens. It should be a good game! I think Flower will be in the net for the game! I will give live updates on Twitter (PensHockeyShow) and Facebook (The Pens Hockey Show) and tell you who will not be playing on defense and who will be in the net.


Pens bring it!

The Pens brought the heat Thursday against the Canadiens winning 3-1 in Pittsburgh! Brooksie and Jeffery made there debut. They both looked great! Neal "The Real Deal" started the scoring for the Pens, followed up by Vitale. Neal is showing people that he is a scorer. After only get one goal when he was brought to the Pens, he is heating this up! Vitale is also bringing the heat for the Pens. Asham also got a goal. With about 1:30 left in the third period the Canadiens ruined Flower's chance of a shutout. The Pens looked great and Flower made amazing saves in the net, to keep the Pens in the lead. The three stars of the night were: 1. Flower 2. Engo 3. Asham


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hockey Night In Pittsburgh!

Tomorrow night the Pens will face the Canadiens at the Consol Energy Center at 7pm. Tanger will be out of the lineup again, as he will be serving his suspension. It doesn't look like Geno will be playing in the game! Flower will be in net. I hope the Pens can get a win and see Neal get another goal. He is doing amazing things for the Pens right now.


Pens Win!

The Pens beat the Wild 3-2 last night! The Pens had to work hard for that win. Sid, Geno, Jeffery, Brooksie, TK, and Tanger were out of lineup. However, the Pens pushed forward and got the win. Kuni started the scoring in the second period. Followed up by Staalsy getting his own goal. Not long after that the Wild finally struck and got a short handed goal. The Wild started to pick up their game. That didn't last long as Neal came out for the third period and scored his own goal. Giving the Pens a two goal lead once again. Duper scored his own short handed goal for the Pens. The Wild ended the scoring by getting a goal about a minute or so after Duper scored. That wasn't enough for the Wild and the Pens came out on top. Brain Strait was hurt sometime in the second period. He got his left arm jammed in between a Wild player and the boards. His arm/wrist got turned in a weird way and he didn't come back after that. Another scary moment, was when Johnny seemed hurt. He got his right leg caught between Niskanen (who was pushed into Johnny) and the goal post. The trainer came out and Johnny flexed his leg and few times and is ok! I hope the Pens came keep the momentum. One more game to got without Tanger.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pens take on the Wild!

Tonight at 7:30pm, the Pens will take on the Minnesota Wild in the Xcel Energy Center! Johnson will be in the net, so that Flower can get some rest. Geno will not be playing in the game. The Pens have recalled defenseman Brian Strait from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the AHL today. I hope the Pens come out strong and get a good start. We need to get a win and end this three game losing streak. On another note, still no outcome from disciplinary hearing on Tanger regarding boarding penalty that he delievered to Jets player Burmistrov. I can't believe they are reviewing this, but not the hit on Cookie a few games back. That hit was to the head and Cookie was dazed for a moment. Burmistrov saw Tanger coming and turned, no time for Tanger to stop! Tanger actually slowed up right before the hit. I hope Tanger is not suspended, that would be a bad call (in my opinion). I don't like head shots and boarding hits, but a player doesn't turn his back, he puts himself in a bad position.  


Pens lose again!

The Pens lost to the Jets 2-1 last night in Winnipeg. The Pens have now lost three games in a row! The Pens have had some tough losses. TK was sidelined due to having concession like symptoms and Geno was once again out of the lineup. The Pens need shooters and for more players to step up and shoot. The Jets scored eight  seconds into the game! The first period was horrible for the Pens, they started to pressure the Jets at the end. Engo got in a fight with Thorburn to get the team going. However, the Jets managed to score another goal in the first period. After that the Pens did much better, the pressured the Jets and got to their game. They just had trouble getting the puck to go into the net, they had great chances throughout the second and third period. The Pens were able to get a goal in the second. Z blew one pass Pavelec from the blue line (his first goal of the season). Flower was great in the net, he made some amazing saves that kept the Pens within winning. It wasn't enough, the Pens were not able to get the equalizer. On the bright side, the Pens PK is still perfect on the road and they had some good looks on the power play. The Pens really could of used the services of Sid and Geno, they need finisher like them and they might of won the game. Until then the Pens will just have to keep working hard and shoot the puck a lot.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Pens vs Jets

Tonight the Pens will be taking on the Winnipeg Jets! Geno will once again be out of the lineup for tonight's game. TK will also not be playing tonight, he is suffering concession like symptoms. He is go to be evaluated further. The last time the Pens faced the Jets was February 16, 1996 and the Pens came out with a 1-0 win. Lets hope the Pens can take a page out of history and get the win tonight! I will be putting live updates on Facebook and Twitter, since the game is going to be on ROOT Sports and not everyone lives in the Pittsburgh area or has Center Ice.    


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pens fall short!

The Pens had another tough game and unfortunately didn't come out on top! The Pens fell short in a 3-2 loss to the Buffalo Sabres! The Sabres started the scoring with two goals in the first period. Both those goals where due to turn overs from the Pens! They had a tough time getting started in the first period! The Pens started coming back in the second period and pressuring the Sabres! Neal opened up the scoring for the Pens in the second. Sabres answered back with a goal in the third period. The Pens came back, Staalsy scored in the third, but it wasn't enough. The Pens had a lot of chances, but just couldn't get the puck behind the Sabres net minder. The Pens emptied their net and even got a power play with 26 seconds to go (making it a 6 on 4). However, the Sabres came out with the win 3-2! The Pens work really hard and really wanted the win, but they needed the finishing touches of Sid and Geno! I can't wait for them to come back and the Pens will be unstoppable! The Pens still made me proud and everyone work hard till the last second. 

Great work Pens! Get them next time!

Pens vs Sabres

Tonight the Pens will take on the Buffalo Sabres in Pittsburgh at 7pm! Sadly, Geno will not be playing in tonight's game! However, our boys can still get the job done. Turn into ROOT Sports to watch the game and if you don't live in Pittsburgh, I hope you have Center Ice, but if not I will be posting live updates on Facebook and Twitter.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Pens 3-2 loss in overtime!

It was a hard fought game, but the Pens were unable to get the win! The Pens struck first, Geno finally came back and made a awesome play! He brought the puck up ice and entered the Caps zone, he left the puck for Sullivan, who made a great pass across the ice to Neal! Neal flung the puck to the net and scored! The Caps came back and tied the game and then scored again to get the lead. Towards the end of the third period, the Pens went on the power play! The power play had looked good all night and finally got a goal, by Neal on the power play! The Pens tied the game, but the Caps scored on the rush in overtime. Johnny did really good in the net and it was a good all around game, except losing. Their was even a fight, Tanger got hit and his helmet came off by Beagle. Asham took up for Tanger and he engaged in a fight with Beagle. Asham delievered a KO punch to Beagle. Beagle went to the locker room after. Only the first game against the Caps and I am sure we will get them next time!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pens vs Capitals

The Pens have had some exciting news today! Sid cleared for contact, Kuni re-signed with the Pens that runs through 2013-2014 season for annual value of 3.725 million, and Geno will be a game time decision. Tonight the Pens will take on their rivals the Washington Capitals in Pittsburgh at 7pm! Hopefully, Geno will be able to play in tonight's game. We need that fire power in tonight's game. I am confident we will win tonight and show those Capitals.




Sid has finally been cleared for full contact! Another step closer to playing in a game again! Such exciting news for everyone in Pittsburgh!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4-2 WIN!

The Pens won their home opener 4-2 against the Panthers! The Pens put on the pressure early and kept up the pressure throughout the game. Duper, Cookie, Neal, and Park (SHG) scored goals in the game! Tanger looked great on defense, everyone on the defense picked it up! The Pens were perfect on the PK again. Flower looked awesome in the net. It was a good home opener for the Pens! Lets hope the Pens can keep up the momentum for the game against the Capitals. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home Opener

Tonight is the home opener for the Pens as they take on the Panthers at 7:30pm on Versus! It is going to be an exciting night in Pittsburgh! Brooksie will not play in tonight's game along with Geno! Geno still has some soreness and will not be available tonight. The coaches don't think this is a long term injury, just some soreness he is having (since he hasn't played in awhile). Sid is still progressing and is doing well. Flower will be in the net tonight for the Pens!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Pens lose in Shootout!

The Pens lost last night 2-1 against the Oilers in a shootout! It was a tough lost for the Pens! Geno skated for the warm up, but did not play! I hope he is ok and nothing is wrong with his knee! Johnny started in the net, to give Flower a rest. The Pens came out with great energy, for having played the night before. Tanger was the only one to score and it was on the power play! The Pens had quite a few penalties in this game, but their PK unit came out strong and was perfect! As the game progressed you could see the Pens getting tired. Last night game was catch up with them. In the third period the Oilers started to push harder and ended up with a goal! Regulation and overtime were not enough and this game was going to be decided by a shootout! Tanger missed, Neal scored, but Sullivan missed (Oilers had scored twice). The winners came out to be the Oilers. It was a good game! Tanger looked really good and was working hard. Johnny was outstanding, but I think Flower is better in shootouts than Johnny (he is still a great goalie). Not a bad game and you can't win them all, but I would like to :)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pens @ Oilers

The Pens are at the Oilers tonight 9pm on ROOT Sports! I hope the Pens can win other one and end their road trip on a good note. Bring that momentum to Pittsburgh and win the home opener!


Pens win 5-3!!

The Pens made it though last nights game. TK started the scoring, Niskanen got his own rebound and scored! Adams scored and than Geno finally scored his first goal! The Pens made these goals in the second period, and brought the heat! The Flames started to make a comeback, but the Pens held them off! Staalsy finished the scoring with an empty netter! The Pens looked really good last night, Tanger really brought the pressure! Flower looked amazing! Towards the end it started to get a little bit more physical, ok a lot 
more! Flower was mauled by a Flames and Cookie got a hit to the head! Engo stepped up along with the rest of the team to defend their teammates. The Pens came out on top! Geno sat on the bench for most of the third period, but will not be playing in tonight's game (not good news at all =[ ) and Cookie looks ok! 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pens @ Calgary Flames

The Pens will face the Calgary Flames @ 10pm on ROOT Sports! Lets see if the Pens can keep the momentum going in tonight's game! 


Pens win against Canucks in a Shootout! (3-2)

The game was an intense one, you could tell everyone was still working off the rust from the off season. The Pens went up early, but the Canucks made a comeback! The Pens  power play produced 2 goals and the Pens PK unit was amazing! Cookie said he was going to change his game and he did! He came out with 2 goals and looked really good. Neal also made a statement making the first goal and it was on the power play! Regulation time and overtime were not enough, a shootout was in order. The Canucks went first, Daniel Sedin was stopped by Flower. Tanger went next and put a sweet backhander behind Luongo. Burrows thought he had tricked Flower, but Flower flashed the glove and robbed Burrows. Geno ended the game with a nice shot to the back of the net. The Pens are off to a good start so far, lets hope they can keep it up!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Regular Season BEGINS!!! Pens @ Canucks

Regular season is finally here! After waiting through a long summer, Pens hockey is back!! The Pens will take on the Canucks in Vancouver at 10pm! Unfortunately Sid will not play, but he is on the road with the team and doing great! Brooksie will be a game time decision. Flower will start in the goal. I will give updates after every period and during the game on Facebook and Twitter! Tonight's game will be on Versus (Direct TV 603 and Bright House 26)! It is time for some HOCKEY!


Monday, October 3, 2011

October's Mustache Boy

As all Pens fan know (if you are new, every month the Pens have a shootout competition and the loser of the shootout, must grow a mustache for a whole month. No trimming, cutting, or clipping it till the month is over and the next mustache boy is picked.) it is time for mustache boy to begin again! The Mustache Boy for October is...drum roll please.....Dustin Jeffrey! This is his first time losing and I can't wait to see his mustache! I wonder who it will be next mouth. Just have to wait! Here is a picture of him before and at the end of October, I will put up a picture of him with the mustache

Pens lose 2-3 to Red Wings!

Unfortunately the Pens didn't finish their pre-season with a win, but I thought they did great for pre-season (can't win them all). I think it really showed that the Pens are still a top contending team in the NHL! Can't wait for the regular season to begin! 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pens vs Red Wings

The Pens play the Red Wings today at 5pm in Detroit!! Lets hope the Pens can finish the pre-season with a BANG!! The game will be televised on the NHL Network, but not till about 8pm tonight. To catch the game you can listen to it on the radio (go to Penguins web site). 


Pens win 4-2 against the Blackhawks!

The Pens beat the Blackhawks 4-2!!

Nice Job Boys!!!