Friday, October 14, 2011

Pens 3-2 loss in overtime!

It was a hard fought game, but the Pens were unable to get the win! The Pens struck first, Geno finally came back and made a awesome play! He brought the puck up ice and entered the Caps zone, he left the puck for Sullivan, who made a great pass across the ice to Neal! Neal flung the puck to the net and scored! The Caps came back and tied the game and then scored again to get the lead. Towards the end of the third period, the Pens went on the power play! The power play had looked good all night and finally got a goal, by Neal on the power play! The Pens tied the game, but the Caps scored on the rush in overtime. Johnny did really good in the net and it was a good all around game, except losing. Their was even a fight, Tanger got hit and his helmet came off by Beagle. Asham took up for Tanger and he engaged in a fight with Beagle. Asham delievered a KO punch to Beagle. Beagle went to the locker room after. Only the first game against the Caps and I am sure we will get them next time!


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