Monday, October 10, 2011

Pens lose in Shootout!

The Pens lost last night 2-1 against the Oilers in a shootout! It was a tough lost for the Pens! Geno skated for the warm up, but did not play! I hope he is ok and nothing is wrong with his knee! Johnny started in the net, to give Flower a rest. The Pens came out with great energy, for having played the night before. Tanger was the only one to score and it was on the power play! The Pens had quite a few penalties in this game, but their PK unit came out strong and was perfect! As the game progressed you could see the Pens getting tired. Last night game was catch up with them. In the third period the Oilers started to push harder and ended up with a goal! Regulation and overtime were not enough and this game was going to be decided by a shootout! Tanger missed, Neal scored, but Sullivan missed (Oilers had scored twice). The winners came out to be the Oilers. It was a good game! Tanger looked really good and was working hard. Johnny was outstanding, but I think Flower is better in shootouts than Johnny (he is still a great goalie). Not a bad game and you can't win them all, but I would like to :)


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