Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Hope Left

A full 82 game NHL season is very unlikely and the deadline for an agreement that would grant us a full season is upon us. The NHL last week offered a 50/50 split in revenue and it looked like we were close to a deal. It was the best deal the NHL has purpose to the NHLPA and everyone was excited that there was a chance a new deal was close. That was not the case when the NHL and NHLPA met in Toronto and the NHLPA instead offered three counter offers. Bettman commented on the three offers and said that they were not even on the same level. They would have to sign an agreement by tomorrow to have a full season starting November 1st. The NHL ended up canceling games up to that point in hopes of having an agreement. That hope is now basically gone, the NHL and NHLPA are not going to all of a sudden say that they agree and sign a deal tonight. The next question is how many games are going to be cut out of the regular season schedule? Is there going to be a Winter Classic, All Star game or even a season? The NHL and NHLPA are not only damaging fans perception, but the league. They are going to be losing millions with refunding season ticket holders and others that have already bought their tickets, not to mention unsold tickets. Not only are they losing revenue with tickets, but the fan base will not grow and there is a chance fans will move on to a more stable sport. The NHL and NHLPA need to get the big picture and figure out that it is not all about them. The fans are the ones that buy tickets and drive a sport league, tick them off and you are in trouble. Lets see how long the NHL and NHLPA keep up this little fight against each other, maybe they need a new person coming in there and opening there eyes up. Only time will tell.

Quick note: The New York Islanders will be moving to Brooklyn. Anyone shocked? Not really.    


  1. It is a shame that the league is doing what they are doing. Gary Bettman needs to do what David Stern has decided to do and retire. I miss hockey already and the league is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I might have to breakdown and go see a Solar Bears game!!

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