Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pens vs Blackhawks (Period 1) 0-0

The Pens starting lineup is Staalsy, TK, and Nick Johnson up front with Z and Alexandre Picard and Johnny is in the net. Pens are looking good and are working hard (you can tell they are attacking the Blackhawks). Tango looks really good, he is a great player (love him on Twitter). It is a good fast pace, back and forth game. Getting me excited for the regualr season, this game is great. Adams shot hits the goal post, the Pens are getting some looks. I love listening to Bob Errey and Steigy (they are too funny). Johnny is looking calm and made a great save with his hockey stick (brushing away the shot, like it was nothing). He isn't getting that many shots on him though. Pens are moving the puck well and are spending some good time in offensive zone. Pens defense is looking good, helping out Johnny. Pens get a power play for 2 minutes, Staalsy, TK, and Johnson up front with Picard and Z on defense. Pens don't score, but had some good looks at the net. Cookie gets a penalty for high sticking (he actually apologize to the guy, it was an accident). Blackhawks go on the power play, Johnny makes a great save. Pens kill the penalty.  Not a lot of shots for either team, but a good game and exciting. Second period coming up!!!


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