Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pens get a 3-2 win over the Red Wings!

Flower and Howard are not in the net this period. Brad Thiessen will be in the net for the Pens. He has a great record in the AHL and is a really good goalie. Red Wings get a power play, Pens kill it, but the Wings score right when time expires. The puck hit the goal post and hit the back of Thiessen's legs, then goes into the net. Traffic in front of the net and it made it hard for Thiessen to see the puck. Pens still up 3-2! Wings continue to pressure the Pens, but the Pens start picking up their game. Conner, who is now on the Wings team, looks good and I still think he is a great person and player (we miss you, but we can't keep everyone). Philip Samuelsson received a nasty hit from behind, that sent him into the boards. He slowly gets up, but looks like he will be alright. Glad to see, I don't like those kind of hits (reminds me of Sid getting hurt)=[ The Pens get a 5 minute power play. Nothing comes of the power play, Neal gets a penalty for slashing (he shouldn't of done it and he got caught). They play some 4 on 4 hockey for 48 seconds. Wings then go on the power play. Martin gets called for cross-checking and the Wings get a 5-3 power play for 6 seconds. Wings get another power play with 3 minutes left in the game. Pens are able to kill Martin's penalty. Wings empty their net for the remainder of the game. Pens get the win 3-2 against the Red Wings. Tanger looked awesome in the game. But the one that stole the show was Geno. He looked amazing and I love watching him play. He is a great hockey player and I am glad he is on the Pens team (healthy). The Wings looked really good and played a good game. The Pens were just the better team. They do need to work on, not going on the defense so much when they are ahead. They do better when they stay on the attack, but they did great and it was the first pre-season game!! Great job Pens!

Go PENS!!!

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  1. Great game! That hit on Samuelsson was scary, but he is a tough guy. Have to agree that Geno was the man! Can't wait for Sid to come back, then we will be unstoppable!