Monday, March 5, 2012

In Game Analysis (Pens vs Coyotes)

0:00- PENS WIN! Pens extend their winning streak to 6 games and so does Flower, who also stopped 36 of 37 Coyote shots to help the Pens to victory.

0:39- Coyotes in box along with Orpik in the box.

1:15- Flower holds the puck and Coyotes empty their net.

2:36- Sullivan, TK, and Vitale with great shift.

4:35- Pens with an outstanding PK. Amazing all around and show the greatness of the #1 PK on home ice. Coyotes PP ends.

6:36- Flower with huge save. Coyotes coming hard and the puck stays out of the net. Niskanen to the box and Coyotes get PP.

8:54- Flower makes the save of a redirected shot! Coyotes coming on strong.

11:54- Smith makes a save on a shot by Cooke. Smith pokes away another Cooke chance.

15:50- Cooke with a shot saved by Smith.

18:33- Coyotes Whitney scores! Coyotes get 3 on 1 than 2 on 1. Whitney alone in front of Flower and chips a shot pass him and into the net. 2-1 Pens

18:43- Coyotes ice the puck. Having trouble getting the puck out of their zone to change.

0:00- Third period time! Pens need to put this game in the bag and extend their winning streak! Lets Go Pens!

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends! No goals in that period, but Flower was amazing and kept the Coyotes at bay. Pens sill lead 2-0!

1:05- Neal with a chance, but his shot is steered away by Smith.

1:59- Z with a nice shot is stopped by Smith.

4:44- Coyotes ice the puck! Top unit for the Pens comes out! Coyotes call a timeout with tired line (good call).

6:14- Pens PP ends. They looked great, it was a shooting gallery!

7:16- Flower comes out to challenge and shows the Coyotes who is the boss! 

8:14- Cooke goes hard to the net and falls into Smith. He gets mauled and tempers flare. Mad scramble develops. Cooke and Vitale sit in the box and three Coyotes sit. Pens get PP.

8:54- Flower playing speed twister in the net again. Keeps the puck out! Crowd erupts in "Fleury" saves.

10:24- Orpik sends Coyotes Hanzal flying. Had to peel him off the ice after that hit!

11:18- Mad scramble in front of Coyotes net. So close, nice shot/play by Niskanen. 

11:45- Pens kill off the Coyotes and Flower was amazing in the net.

13:45- Sullivan will sit in the sin bin for holding giving the Coyotes a PP to work with. Time to bring out the PK!

14:29- Flower gloves up the puck with another big save. Just nothing, but his amazing saves happening right now.

16:48- Flower using his pads to make amazing saves! Good thing he is in the net for the Pens.

19:13- Flower is square to the puck and makes the save look easy.

0:00- Second period is underway! 

First Period

0:00- First period ends! Pens lead 2-0 thanks to Z and Kuni!

1:27- Neal in the front after a pass from Geno behind the net. Smith with the save.

4:01- Coyotes shot goes off the post. Flower in great form!

5:15- KUNI SCORES! Geno pass the puck to Kuni in the neutral zone and two players go at him. Kuni and Niskanen get a 2 on 1 chances. Kuni puts one blocker side and the Pens are up 2-0!

5:51- Coyotes with good puck control and Pens need to be careful they are a deadly team.

8:16- Z SCORES! Staal comes racing into the Coyotes zone and gives the puck to Z. He shoots one and it goes under the blocker of Smith! 1-0 Pens! Z scoring against his old team is sweet!

9:04- Adams with a hard wrist shot is stopped by Coyotes Smith. Pens need to get traffic in front of Smith to get one pass the big net minder.

11:17- We are back to full strength on both sides.

12:58- Kuni to the box for goalie interference and Coyotes Hanzal sits for tripping up Geno. 4 on 4 hockey.

16:06- Neal with a hard rising wrist shot is fought off by Coyotes Smith. @pensrock says TK is scoring first and @pittsburgirl71 picked Duper. Like me know who you think is scoring first for the Pens.

19:10- Flower comes up with a huge early save to stop Coyotes from taking an early lead.

0:00- Puck drops and the horn sounds to start the game! Pens host the Coyotes! Its Hockey Night in Pittsburgh! Lines are as follow 26-11-9, 14-71-18, 24-46-48, 45-27-12, and defense pairings 7-2 44-4 37-6

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