Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pens @ Senators Review

The Pens come out of Ottawa with a 8-4 loss, but at least Sid finally got his comeback goal. Hopefully this opens the flood gates as long as the Flower keeps them closed on our side we should be all good.

The night started out weird as the players couldn't hold back laughs at the anthem singer. Even Sid cracked a smile. I could barely stand it at home and bless those that were actually there. He voice is amazing for a person to do that, but not my type of singing.

Last night seem to get off rather good as the Pens answered quickly after a early go ahead goal for the Sens. However every time the Pens scored the Sens answered right back.

Good news was Cooke notched another two goals thanks to helping hands of Sid. Sid even got himself a well deserved goal.

Geno was kept quiet by the Sens. He had some great chances, but nothing more than that. It was a frustrating game for Geno.

Pens Thiessen allowed eight goals and I felt that he should of been pulled early. I understand the need to rest Flower, but that doesn't help Thiessen's self esteem. The players stood by him and Duper gave him a tap after the eighth goal.

Hard night for the Pens, but they have a chance to bounce back today against the Devils and at home!

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