Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pens fall short against the Flyers!

Pens couldn't get the win in overtime to edge out the Flyers! With one second left the Hartnell is left wide open and puts one in the net in overtime for a 3-2 win for the Flyers.

Pens dominated through the first two periods. They struggled in the very beginning, but found their feet after a goal from Adams.

The Pens had two power plays, but didn't get any goals on it. They did get some great chances, just need a little more time to get adjusted.

A power play goal for the Flyers sent them on their way to tie the game. The third period was dominated by the Flyers, who possessed the puck most of the time.

Flower was really solid in the net, but the Pens where allowing to many chances for the Flyers to score.

A big impact on defense for the Pens was Tanger. He had some great plays and saved the Pens more than once.

Another impact with defensive plays was Sid. He was strong on Jagr and really helped out the Pens.

Geno was great also, scoring his own goal. He had great puck movement and control in the Flyers zone. Doing his usual stick handling. Amazing as usual.

However the slumping plays lead to great chances for the Flyers and when it counted they took them.

It was sad to see the Pens lead vanish after such dominating play. At least they got a point out of it.

The Pens winning streak ends with eleven games. The Pens will have to start another winning streak against the Jets on Tuesday! Hopefully they bounce back!

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