Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pens @ Devils Play by Play

Pens win 5-2 over the Devils! 11 games

Third Period

0:00- PENS WIN! 5-2 over the Devils and extend their streak to eleven games! Move into two points of the Rangers! 

2:04- Pens PP ends and we are back to 5 on 5 hockey. 

4:10- Pens get PP. 

5:50- Duper is robbed once again by Brodeur. Pens coming hard now like they just got a bolt of energy. 

6:35- Sullivan gets a breakaway and Brodeur makes a sliding save. Sullivan almost puts the puck in the net, but Brodeur grab his stick. At the other end of the ice words and blows are exchanged. 

7:41- Pens kill off the Devils PP and we are back to full strength. 

9:40- Kuni in the box for hooking and Pens bring out the PK unit. 

10:24- TK all alone in the front of the net. Brodeur goes down, so TK goes up but rings it off the post. Unreal how close he was. 

11:00- Pens with nice puck control and getting a lot of pucks to the net. Rushes getting the goals for the Pens, which isn't usually the cast against Devils. 

13:10- Duper is robbed by Brodeur's glove. Looking for his second goal of the game. 

14:04- COOKE SCORES! Sid passes up to TK who comes into the Devils zone and tries to go to the front of the net, but losses the puck. Cooke picks it up and backhands it over the shoulder of Brodeur. 5-2 Pens

14:49- Tanger avoids an ugly hit and Orpik repays the Devil's player. Getting dirty. 

17:24- SYROKA SCORES! Devils Syroka lifts the puck pass Flower's right pad. All alone in front of the net. 4-2 Pens

18:12- Sullivan and Sid try a give and go play, but Sid's backhand is ROBBED again by Brodeur. 

20:00- Third period time! Pens need to wrap this up and put a bow on it with another goal, maybe by Sid!? Lets Go Pens! 

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends! Pens took the game over scoring three goals! Great period for the Pens as they lead the Devils 4-1! Keep up the good work! 

1:04- Flower with his own glove save. Flashing the glove to the Devil's player. 

3:38- Sid was off to the races, flying into the Devils zone but he is ROBBED by Brodeur's glove! Unreal. 

4:16- Pens D clears the puck and messes up a Devils chance. Nice work in the D. 

7:18- GENO SCORES! Sid protects the puck on the boards and while falling whips a pass across the ice to Geno. Geno goes down to one knee to rip one pass Brodeur. Simply an amazing play by the two best players in hockey! Geno's 40th goal of the season! 4-1 Pens

7:50- Pens get a PP. 

8:16- COOKE SCORES! Sid comes flying into the Devils zone and whips a wicked backhand pass to the front of the net. Cooke redirects it into the net with his skate. Was reviewed and ruled a good goal. 

9:50- DUPER SCORES! Staal has the puck and takes off! He drops the puck to Duper who drives to the net and lets go of a wicked slapper that blows pass Brodeur! His 20th of the season. 2-1 Pens

10:13- Duper has been all over the ice working hard. Pens ice the puck and call a time out. 

12:21- Martin jumps over a Devil player to take the puck away and then Tanger with a great defensive play. Pairing working good together. 

15:49- Neal is all alone in front of the net after a long pass from Geno. Neal can't get the puck pass a sprawling Brodeur. So close. Brodeur robs Tanger from the blue line who mouths a not so nice word after that play. haha. 

16:54- Pens with a great PK and clearing out the puck a lot kill off the Devils PP. Martin with a nice play to poke away the puck from a Devil's player.  

19:02- Staal goes to the box for elbowing and Devils get another PP. 

20:00- Second period is underway! Looking for the Pens to come out hard and put some more pucks on net. Have to get to the dirty areas to get another goal pass Brodeur. 

First Period

0:00- First period ends! Pens were dominating, but the Devils came through and got one. 1-1 tie game and Pens out shot the Devils 14-6. 

3:03- DEVILS SCORE! As the Pens PP ends the Devils get a rush. The trailing player Greene gets the puck and lets go of a wicked shot. It goes above the left shoulder of Flower and right in the top corner of the net. It bounces right back out and was reviewed. Call a good goal. 1-1 tie game. 

5:04- Pens get PP as the Devils are called for too many men on the ice. 

5:49- Pens kill off the Devils PP. Flower makes a amazing save on Kovalchuk not giving any rebounds. Good PK by the Pens. 

7:50- Tangradi goes to the box for elbowing and Devils get PP. 

9:10- Flower with a nice save. Shots 13-3 in favor of the Pens. 

9:56- Tanger takes a shot from the blue line and Sid in front of the net gets a piece of the rebound. He had a wide open net, but Brodeur somehow gets the paddle down to make the save. Unreal! My eyes popped out of my head at that. 

11:29- Pens shooting from everywhere and getting pucks to Brodeur. Devils good at collapsing around Brodeur. 

13:25- Flower gloves up the puck and has no rebound as Devils Ponikarovsky was on the doorstep. 

14:06- Sid takes a long slap shot and Brodeur with the save, but he had trouble as it went up high. 

14:45- Sullivan with a chance, but Brodeur has a D man help him out. 

18:01- NEAL SCORES! Geno wins the face off on the right side of Brodeur and pulls it back to Neal. Neal lets go of his wicked wrist shot that blows pass the glove side of Brodeur. 1-0 Pens

18:05- Kuni gets a breakaway, but is tripped up on the play. PENALTY SHOT! Sadly Brodeur makes the save keeping the paddle down as Kuni tries to deke low. 

20:00- Puck drops and here we go! Pens @ Devils! Pens look to extend their streak to eleven games and will they? Lets find out! Lets Go Pens! 

Flower in the net!

Line combinations as follows:

Kuni, Geno, Neal
Sullivan, Staal, Duper
Cooke, Crosby, TK
Tangradi, Vitale, Adams

D pairings
Martin, Tanger
Orpik, Z
Niskanen, Engo

Scratches are Jeffery, Park, Asham, Lovejoy, and Johnny

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