Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow! Pens have now won nine straight games with a 5-2 win over the Bruins.

Great game and a fast pace, hard hitting one at that. Pens came out and scored three in the first period.

Asham started the scoring with a nice one pass Thomas.

Niskanen ripped a wrist shot pass Thomas from the blue line. About time with how much he shoots the puck every game. Geno got is 500th NHL career point with an assist and Neal with 200th NHL career points with an assist of his own on the goal.

Neal finishes up the first period scoring with a PP goal!

Bruins were falling apart at the end of the first period taking all sorts of penalties.

Bruins pulled Thomas and replaced him with Turco for the second period.

Kuni didn't waste anytime and scored one of his own goals.

The Bruins Krejci got the Bruins going with a goal in the second after a sick poke check save by Turco on Staal. 

The third period Krejci scored another goal to put the Bruin within 2 goals!

Flower was solid in the net for the Pens. He made huge saves on the PK and all around. Beast in the net once again.

Staal was really good in the game. Had a sweet pass to Duper from behind the goal line. Duper puts the puck between the legs of Lucic and gets a breakaway. He doesn't let it goes to waste and backhands one pass Turco.

Pens had some scary moments. The Bruins really started to bring it in the end, but the Pens held strong (Flower was a big reason for this). Dumping pucks and laying big hits to wear the Bruins down.

Pens come out with the win and what a win it was. Great game! Little note: Pens re-assigned Strait and Despres back to WBS!


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