Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pens vs Devils Play by Play

Pens 5 Devils 2

Third Period

0:00- PENS WIN!!! Pens get the win 5-2 over the Pens! What a great game for the Pens! Flower with a new career high with 41 wins!

0:19- Pens with 5 on 3 PP.

0:39- Z gets high sticked and is bleeding. Pens with PP.

1:32- GENO SCORES! Geno puts one in the empty net. 5-2 Pens

1:51- Devils with empty net.

3:09- Another day at the office for Flower with a great save.

4:38- Flower with a great save and Pens clear the rebound. Crazy few minutes at both ends of the ice.

5:04- Sid with a crazy chance as the puck is just pushed wide!

6:40- The Devils PP ends and the Pens with a great PK.

8:40- The Devils will head to the PP as Cooke goes to the box for interference.

9:46- Flower with a big save on a sharp angle shot!

12:27- Pens PP ends!

14:30- Pens with PP. Tanger gets tripped up with dangerous play.

15:05- SID SCORES! Sid with another identical play from earlier, he pokes the puck around Dmen and creates breakaway and goes five hole. Amazing play. 4-2 Pens

16:23- KOVALCHUK SCORES. Pens with bad turnovers and Kovalchuk is left alone and puts it in.

19:39- Cooke goes to the net and just pokes the puck wide of the net.

20:00- Third period time! The Pens need to wrap this one up with a nice bow!

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends and the Pens lead 3-1 over the Devils. Much better period for the Pens and lets keep it up!

0:51- Pens with good defense and get the puck cleared.

4:26- DUPER SCORES! Sid works hard behind Flower to get the puck. Engo passes back to Sid who taps it to Duper and to Adams. Sid and Adams with 2 on 1 chance and everyone goes to the net. Duper puts in the rebound. 3-1 Pens

5:43- Back to full strength.

5:54- Tanger is back on the ice and Devils with penalty. Staal in the box also.

7:47- Pens will get a PP.

10:03- Sid with a sick poke around Devils D and he gets a breakaway. Shoots up high on Brodeur and he makes the save. Sick play by Sid. Tanger heads to the locker room after a head-to-head collision.

10:55- Duper was ROBBED by the glove of Brodeur. Was just sitting in front and so close to making it 3-1.

12:54- Tanger picks the pocket of Devils player. Tanger is hit up high in the head and heads off the ice and looks in pain.

14:22- Flower with a great save with a crazy scramble in front of him. Lovejoy went to the locker room and hasn't returned.

16:53- Z looses his stick and Devil is wide open, but Flower with the great save. Shuts the door once again!

18:30- Oprik with hard shot from the blue line and Sid looks for the rebound, but there is none.

20:00- Second period begins! The Pens need to keep pressuring the Devils and get a bigger lead.

First Period 

0:00- First period ends! Staal with the late goal to put the Pens ahead again. 2-1 Pens

0:55- STAAL SCORES! Adams working hard and Cooke gets the Devils turnover. Cooke passes to Staal rushing into the middle and has it way out to his left. He sneaks one over the blocker of Brodeur to put the Pens back up. 2-1 Pens

3:25- Geno gets a breakaway chance and would of had it, but Brodeur comes out and gets his stick on the puck. Geno was so close!

4:14- Brodeur with a poke check to mess up Sid's chance.

6:40- Tanger with a great sliding play to block the Devils shot.

8:24- Pens with great PK and Flower with the great stops kill the Devils PP.

8:53- Flower gets across the crease in a blink of an eye to rob Parise of a chance.

10:24- Neal goes to the box for tripping and the Pens bring out the PK unit.

10:57- Geno is back on the ice.

11:31- Flower with a great save on a up close shot!

12:54- Geno takes a shot up high and goes to the bench, looks to be in discomfort. Hit his hand and trainer talking to him.

14:50- ZAJAC SCORES! Flower comes out to play the puck and ties up a Devil. Sid with a play in front of the net and Engo misses the puck. Zajac puts it in the net and ties up the game. 1-1

16:51- Neal with a hard shot and Brodeur with the save. Close call.

18:59- KUNI SCORES! Brodeur goes out to play the puck and Geno picks his pocket! Geno with a sick pass to Kuni stationed in front. He puts it in the empty net and the Pens have the early lead. 1-0 Pens

20:00- Puck drops and lets get the job done! Flower in the net and the Pens could get their 10th win in a row on home ice! Lets Go Pens!

Line combinations

Neal, Geno, Kuni
Cooke, Sid, Duper
Park, Staal, TK
Adams, Jeffery, Asham

D pairings
Letang, Martin
Oprik, Z
Lovejoy, Engo

Flower in the net!

Scratches for the Pens are Johnson, Vitale, Niskanen, Sullivan, and Tangradi

Almost game time!

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