Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pens take on the Hurricanes! 2/2/13

The Pens are in Carolina to take on the Hurricanes. This will be the first time the Pens will face Jordan Staal in his new uniform as a Hurricane. Time for the Pens to deliver him a loss from his former team.

 Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Neal
Cooke, Jeffrey, TK
Bennett, Sutter, Duper
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Niskanen, Tanger
Bortuzzo, Engo

Flower will start between the pipes.

Play By Play
Pens 1 Canes 4

3rd Period
0:00- CANES WIN 4-1 OVER THE PENS! Not a good game by the Pens at all, the only one that showed up was Flower. He did his best in the net especially with no support.

1:00- Pens empty their net.

1:40- Bortuzzo and Harrison drop the gloves and Harrsion knocks Bortuzzo off his skates. Nothing going on during that fight.

4:00- Sid with a huge chance and shoots from the side of the net. Ward makes the pad save and Sid makes a sick pass to Kuni, but his shot doesn't make it either. Best chance for Pens in a long time.

6:25- Canes just dominating and keeping the Pens from getting any quality time in the offensive zone. Pens not able to create any chances and when they do Ward shuts them down.

8:45- Pens kill off the Canes 5th PP. Time for the Pens to pressure the Canes net!

10:45- Canes get their 5th PP chance as Bortuzzo takes a seat for tripping.

11:10- Pens PP ends and it wasn't much of a PP. Pens didn't look good at all and Canes took control of the Pens PP from the beginning.

13:10- Huge chance for the Pens as they get a PP opportunity as Skinner is sent to the box for tripping.

15:23- Pens able to kill off another Canes PP. Flower was caught behind the net and was able to get back in the net just in time to make a toe save. Flower was lucky on that one.

17:23- Canes get another PP chance as Vitale is sent off for interference.

20:00- Third period is underway! Huge uphill battle for Pens, but if any team can do it it's the Pens! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Canes take a dominating lead 4-1 over the Pens. Big uphill battle for Pens in the third period.

0:10- CANES TLUSTY SCORES! Pens give the Canes way too many opportunities and Tlusty puts in another one. Canes lead 4-1 over Pens

1:40- Pens kill off the Canes PP.

3:40- Canes now get a chance at a PP as Pens get a too many men on the ice penalty. Bad time for Pens to take a penalty. Big kill for Pens.

3:55- Pens PP comes to an end. Good chance on that PP.

4:47- Kuni gets two shots at the side of the Canes net. Pens swarm the goal and all take whacks at the puck that is loose in the blue paint. Great chance.

5:55- Time for a Pens PP as E. Staal is sent to the box for interference. Pens really need a goal on this PP chance.

6:34- Duper flies into the Canes zone. He fires one high and wide of the net.

8:29- Back to full strength for both teams.

10:00- Duper hits the GOOOAL POOOST!! Second time the post has robbed a Pens player.

10:29- We will play some 4 on 4 hockey as Engo gets a hooking call and Canes Skinner is called for diving.

12:13- Cooke sneaks behind the Canes defense and waits to shoot the puck waiting for Ward to make the first move. Ward is able to rob Cooke when he does shoot the puck. UNREAL!

14:10- Pens call a timeout. Flower not getting any help or support back there. Pens need to pick up their play!

14:11- CANES SKINNER SCORES! Flower makes the initial save but the Pens defense lose coverage of their guys and don't pick up Skinner flying towards the rebound chance. He is able to put one pass Flower and the Canes take a two goal lead. 3-1 Canes

15:57- CANES TLUSTY SCORES! Pens let the Canes get to much time in the zone and quality chances on their net. Tlusty is able to finally put one pass the Flower giving the Canes the 2-1 lead over the Pens.

16:04- Flower is making snow angels in the crease to keep the puck out of the net. Canes chance was way to close for comfort.

17:35- Sutter takes a shot and it rings off the goal post!

18:00- Canes kill off the Pens PP.

20:00- Second period starts and Pens looks to take back the lead also control of this game! Pens will have a PP chance! Adams gets a roughing penalty and Canes Harrison gets tripping and roughing penalty. Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and it's 1-1 game! Scrum erupts behind the Canes net and refs try to break it up.

0:24- E. STAAL SCORES! Canes keep pressuring in the Pens zone. Canes Semin shoots from the half circle and E. Staal is able to redirect one pass Flower. Late goal and it's a tie game now 1-1.

3:10- Pens kill off the Canes PP. Great job blocking shots/lanes and pressuring the Canes. Much better then the last game.

5:10- Canes will head to the PP as Glass is caught for a delay of game penalty.

6:46- KUNI SCORES!!! Sid carries the puck into the Canes zone and makes a mind blowing cross ice pass to Kuni. He was laid on a silver platter for Kuni and he doesn't miss. He fires one high pass Ward. Pens take the early lead 1-0 over the Canes.

7:01- Flower makes two great saves and even gets the rebound out of harms way, so the Pens are able to carry the puck out of the zone.

10:27- Pens PP comes to an end. Nothing special and didn't really get a long time in the Canes zone to set up a cycle.

12:28- Scrum in front of the Canes net erupts and Canes Harrison gets a roughing penalty. Pens will get a PP to work with.

15:17- Flower makes two unbelievable pad saves after the puck is turned over in the Pens zone. He just shut down the door on the Canes. Just a jaw dropping performance by the Flower.

16:43- Pens brief PP comes to an end. Full strength.

17:14- Pens will get a short PP for about 31 seconds.

18:44- We will get some 4 on 4 hockey as Canes Larose gets an interference penalty.

19:15- Canes will get a PP chance as Tanger is called for cross-checking.

20:00- The puck has dropped and the game is underway! Time to put some points on the board early and take control! Lets Go Pens! 

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