Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pens @ Capitals 2/3/13 Play By Play

The Pens are in enemy territory this afternoon as they are set to take on the Capitals! The Pens are on a two game winning streak and lets hope they keep the momentum going with another win in Washington!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Boychuk, Geno, Neal
Cooke, Sutter, TK
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Despres, Tanger
Engo, Bortuzzo

Vokoun will start in the net against his former team!

Play By Play
Pens 6 Capitals 3

3rd Period
0:00- PENS WIN 6-3!!!!!! The Pens take the win today and now have a three game winning streak! Kuni get the hatter and what a great game! Go Pens!

0:07- KUNI SCORES A HATTER!!!! Sid takes the puck to the back of the Caps net and passes it out to Kuni. Kuni fires a slap shot pass the glove hand of Holtby! It was a power play goal and the Pens lead 6-3!

1:33- Sid comes into the zone and just takes the puck away. Creates his own breakaway! Amazing play! Ovechkin sits for roughing and Carlson for holding. Pens with 5 on 3 PP

3:02- Geno with a shot from the half board and Holtby is able to glove it up.

4:12- Pens with a great PK effort and Vokoun came up with some big saves. Pens kill off the Caps PP.

6:12- Bortuzzo will now take a seat for high sticking. Caps with a PP, big PK for Pens!

6:55- Vokoun comes out to play the puck and hurries back into the net. He is able to make a great pad save on a wrap around attempt!

8:23- Ovechkin comes up the center to the net and fires one. Vokoun robs him with a flash of his glove! Amazing save!

8:49- Vokoun comes up with a nice save and Caps shoot the rebound wide of the net!

11:30- Sid at the side of the net and a shot redirect by Duper just goes high over his head. If he would on stayed down, Sid would of taken the rebound and put it into the wide open net!

12:16- Pens ice the puck

14:55- Kuni lays the puck right in front of the Caps net and Caps defense prevents Sid from getting anything on the puck. Would of buried one in the net if he was able to.

16:27- CAPS RIBEIRO SCORES ON THE PP! Ribeiro stationed in the front of Vokoun picks up the loose puck after it is blocked by the skate of a Pen. Ribeiro buries it behind Vokoun. Pens lead cut to 5-3  over the Caps.

16:45- Caps Ovechkin comes flying into the Pens zone and fires a shot high over the net!

17:52- Despres gets a delay of game penalty and the Caps will get a PP.

18:50- Caps with some good time in the Pens zone. Vokoun comes up with a pad save after a shot from the point makes its way through traffic.

20:00- Third period time! Time for the Pens to put this game out of even further reach for the Caps!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends! Pens extend their lead over the Caps to 5-2!

0:48- Vokoun makes a diving save and is on the ice flopping around. The puck bounces up into the air after Caps shot goes off the stick of Orpik, preventing a goal.

3:06- Bortuzzo with a hard shot from the point that is held by Holtby for the whistle.

6:01- KUNI SCORES ON THE PP!!! Geno with the puck on the half circle and slowly moves closer to the net. He fires a pass across the ice to a wide open Kuni. Kuni fires up high and into the net! Pens now lead 5-2!

6:21- Pens now with a PP for 1:28!

6:50- Caps Wolski now heads to the box for tripping and 4 on 4 play for 25 seconds.

8:21- Despres will head off to the box for a high sticking penalty and Caps gets a PP.

9:21- Vokoun comes up with a big save as traffic was in front of him!

12:27- KUNI SCORES!!! Sid comes flying into the Caps zone and passes the puck to Kuni. Kuni fires a high shot over the shoulder of Holtby! Pens now lead the Caps 4-2!

13:04- TANGER SCORES!!! The Pens kill off the Caps PP and crash the Caps net! Tanger takes the puck and skates up into the Caps zone. He holds the puck and lets Capital D go down. He elevates the puck and it goes into the net! Pens lead 3-2!

15:45- Boychuk takes a seat for boarding and the Caps will get a PP.

15:57- CAPS CARLSON SCORES! Carlson dumps the puck into the Pens zone and it takes a awful bounce off the side boards. As Vokoun leaves the net to play the puck, the puck bounces into the wide open net! 2-2 tie game

17:52- Vokoun closes the pads together to stop a shot from Chimera in close quarters, as he got behind Sutter!

18:46- Geno on the far side goes down to one knee and lets go of a laser shot, but Holtby makes the save!

20:00- Second period is underway! Pens need to keep up the hard, physical work and get some more points on the board to extend their lead! Lets Go Pens! BTW: They are now showing that Martin scored instead of Kuni!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends! Pens lead 2-1 and shots are 9 a piece!

0:10- Bortuzzo with a great defensive play to box out Capital from getting a huge rebound after Vokoun made a pad save.

2:57- Sid gives himself a breakaway chance as he goes through two Caps defense! Sid with a great shot while falling down, but Holtby makes the save. Sid was hooked up on the play, but no call made!

5:18- Capital fan on a shot in front of the net and try to regroup to try again. Vokoun flashes the glove to deny them!

6:05- Neal with a great defensive play to breakup the Caps chance. Pens able to clear the puck.

8:06- Vokoun comes up with a nice glove save. Pens clear the puck after the faceoff.

11:40- COOKE SCORES!!! Engo takes a shot from the point and Cooke, stationed in front of the net, redirects the shot pass Holtby! Pens take the lead 2-1 over the Caps! MAY GIVE ENGO THE GOAL! Cooke said on the ice that he didn't touch it!

14:55- CAPS GREEN SCORES! Green is laid out by Tanger, but eventually gets up. He is left wide open in the center and gets the puck. He fires one pass Vokoun and into the net! Caps tie the game 1-1!

15:21- Boychuk gets a breakaway chance, but Holtby comes up with the save and saves Boychuk's rebound shot.

16:23- KUNI SCORES!!! Martin takes a shot from the point, it is redirected by the stick of Kuni and goes pass Caps Holtby into the net! Pens lead 1-0 early!

16:26- Sid brings the puck to the front of the net and almost puts one into the net!

17:34- Vokoun makes a save with his mask and then comes up with a big pad save. He covers for the whistle and Engo lays out a Capital in front of the net.

20:00- The puck drops and the game is underway! Time for the Pens to extend their two game winning streak to three! Lets Go Pens!

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