Saturday, November 30, 2013

Battle in the Sunshine State!

By: MF, The Pens Hockey Show

The Penguins are in the Sunshine State to take down the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers. The Penguins dealt the Lightning a losing hand with a 3-0 win and Flower earned a second shutout this season. Sidney Crosby earned his 700th career point with three assists during the Lightning game and Flower earned his 26th career shutout. The Penguins looked good and shut down the Lightning. I was in attendance and will be posting pictures and video from the game! Now the Penguins want to finish off their Florida trip with a win against the Panthers tonight! The lineup is game time, but Zatkoff starting looks to be the only change to the lineup! Lets Go Pens!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Jokinen, Geno, Neal
Conner, Sutter, Ebbett
Adams, Vitale, Megna

Orpik, Tanger
Maatta, Niskanen
Despres, Engo

Zatkoff in the cage!

Play By Play
PENS 5 Panthers 1

3rd Period

1:00- The Panthers crash the Pens zone, but the Pens take it to the Panthers!

3:04- Panthers with a 2 on 1 chance. Gomez is robbed by the pad of Zatkoff! Zatkoff keeps his pad strong as Hayes whacks at the rebound chance!

3:16- Ebbett sets up Tanger on the wing, but Clemmensen makes the pad save!

5:28- Tanger drives to the net and the Panthers response. Tanger's helmet comes off and a scramble ensues in front of Clemmensen!

7:50- Zatkoff with a great save and then stacks the pads to redirect the rebound chance up high over the net!

10:35- Neal whips a shot, which Clemmensen gets a piece of it to direct it wide. Such a hard shot by Neal.

11:54- The Pens are getting pressure in the Panthers zone and defending the Panthers well to hold their strong lead.

13:50- JOKINEN SCORES!!!! Geno makes a backwards pass to Jokinen in the slot! Jokinen fires one pass the glove of Clemmensen! Geno with his 4th point of the night and the Pens extend their lead 5-1 over the Panthers!

14:24- This period has a good pace to it, just like the other two periods. The Panthers getting some time in the Pens zone, but the Pens with great defensive effort!

17:23- Winchester with a chance in the slot, but Zatkoff puts it into the corner.

20:00- Third period is underway! Time for the Pens to finish the Panthers off...even more! Thomas has been pulled and Clemmensen is in the net! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period comes to an end and the Pens had a crazy finish! The Pens have the lead 4-1!

1:38- NEAL SCORES!!!! Geno gets the puck to Neal as Thomas is scrambling in the net! Neal evaluates the puck over Thomas and into the net! 4-1 Pens!

2:07- UPSHALL SCORES ON THE PP! Upshall with some speed, receives a pass on this stick. He moves the puck to his backhand and puts it behind Zatkoff. 3-1 Pens

3:19- Kuni is sitting for hooking and the Panthers will get another PP chance.

4:29- The Pens ice the puck and call a timeout as a result.

5:24- Zatkoff still looking sharp in the net for the Pens! Showing more confident with every save!

6:31- Conner and Sid get a chance up ice. Conner slides a pass over to Sid, but it somehow eludes Sid's stick!

9:45- The Panthers score a goal, but the refs review it. The goal is overturned as the Panthers kicked the puck in! The score remains 3-0 Pens!

10:36- Duper gets a hard shot off as Sid drives the net! He just misses the rebound chance! The Pens 1st line is feeling it!

12:37- GENO SCORES!!! Geno carries the puck up ice and passes to Maatta as the Pens enter the zone! Maatta gives it back to Geno! He keeps his head up and stick handles one around Thomas! 3-0 Pens!

13:50- The Pens 4th line with some great pressure in the Panthers zone. As they change, the Panthers are able to clear.

15:00- Despres and Niskanen have looked good together, really working well together.

16:54- Looks to be another fast pace game with few stoppages to start.

20:00- Lets get the second period started! The Pens need to get more shots on net and pressure the Panthers! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- The first period comes to an end and the Pens emerge with the lead 2-0! Zatkoff was huge in the net as the Panthers out-shot the Pens 15-6!

1:02- The Pens with another great PK! Lets stay out of the box from now on boys!

2:30- The Panther fire on net, but Zatkoff makes the save. He falls, but still makes the saves. Huge saves and the Pens collapse on net to help him out. Finally they are able to clear the puck out of harms way.

3:02- The Panthers will get their third PP of the game as Sid sits for interference.

3:29- Zatkoff with a quick pad save. He has looked sharp to start this game.

4:19- The Pens kill off the Panthers PP once again.

6:19- The Panthers will get a PP as Geno is called for hooking.

8:40- VITALE SCORES!! The Pens come crashing into the Panthers zone! They puck the puck on net and a mad scramble ensues! Vitale whacks at the puck and puts it over the goal line! The Pens are up 2-0!

9:15- KUNI SCORES ON THE PP! The Pens dump in the puck and Thomas is caught behind the net! The Pens forecheck and put the puck in front! Kuni slaps one into the open net! 1-0 Pens

9:49- The Pens kill off the Panthers PP and will now have a PP chance! Kulikov heads to the sin bin for tripping.

11:45- The Panthers will get the first PP of the game as Jokinen is sent to the box. The Pens were caught with too many men on the ice.

12:13- Zatkoff losses his stick, but he gets to the post in light speed pace to make a save! Great save!

13:46- This game has a good pace to it and few stoppages. Both teams are getting time and space, defensive look to start.

16:36- Tanger is back on the ice for his shift, looks to be ok. The Pens cycling the puck well in the Panthers zone and get a chance on net.

18:20- Tanger blocks a shot and it hits his knee. He goes to the bench in some pain.

20:00- Game time! Time to finish off the Sunshine State teams! Lets Go Pens!  

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