Saturday, January 19, 2013

Season Opener! Pens @ Flyers Play By Play

The Pens are set to take on their cross state rivals the Flyers in Philadelphia today at 3pm. Stay tuned for live game updates and a recap of the period right here. Follow on Twitter and Facebook also for live game updates.

The Pens lineup is as follows:


1st Period
20:00- The puck has dropped! Hockey is officially back and the Pens are ready to get the job done against the Flyers!

18:00- Engo and Despres fight down low in their own zone and able to clear the puck out.

17:13- Corburn with interference penalty on Sid. Pens to the PP.

15:16- PP goal by TK! Martin with shot from point and it is redirected by TK pass Bryzgalov! 1-0 Pens

15:10- Jeffery with penalty! Pens go on the PK

13:09- Pens able to kill the Flyers PP. Short shifts for the defense and Pens did a good job. 100% on the power play and the penalty kill!

12:39- NEAL SCORES! Geno wins the offensive face off clear and pulls back to Neal who fires one. 2-0 Pens

10:38- Flyers in the Pens zone! Pens with hard work and hard hit is able to clear the puck out.

9:22- Pens with strong defensive plays and physical play matching to the Flyers physical play.

8:14- Despres sent to the box for an interference penalty on Simmons. Pens on the PK now.

7:13- Flower with a nice pad save on a Flyers hard shot!

6:40- Pens able to hold off Flyers PP.

5:38- Sid with a hard shot! Good chance.

5:24- Deadly Pens line on the ice with Geno, Sid, and Neal on a line together. Just dominating the Flyers in their zone right now. Flyers ice the puck.

3:55- Sutter with a interference penalty. Pens bring out the PK unit.

1:58- Pens able to hold off the Flyers PP again. Flower is a big reason for that and he should also thank the post for saving one also! Crazy PK.

0:04- Flower with a nice save, sweeping the puck away from the net.

0:00- First period ends! Pens lead 2-0 over the Flyers. Shots are 11-6 in favor of the Pens

2nd Period
20:00- Second period is underway! Pens need to keep up the hard work and put some more pucks in the Flyers net!

19:37- Giroux scores! Giroux gets behind Kuni and is able to slip one under the left pad of Flower. Pens still lead 2-1.

17:10- Nice save by Flower and Pens able to clear the puck out.

16:12- Flyers Grossman goes to the box for cross-checking Sid. Pens to the PP.

14:11- Pens PP ends and Flyers back to full strength.

12:33-  Engo hit hard by Rinaldo, but it will take more to take Engo down. Pens finally able to clear the puck out of their zone, started to look like the Flyers were on a PP.

10:28- Flower with a good save on a close shot and is able to bat away the puck.

10:15- Tanger with a nice hard slap shot, but Bryzgalov with the quick glove save.

9:10- Engo and Simmons exchange words. Simmons might want to rethink that one. Engo put a beating on him last time they fought.

8:00- Flower with an awesome stick save and is able to cover up the puck! Craziness going on in front of the net!

5:55- Flower caught out to the net and finally gets back. He is able to save a shot on the net. To close of a call in my book. 

3:10- Flower with two back to back saves. One right in front and it was bouncing in the air. Shots are 17-16 Pens

1:51- Kuni grabs up the puck in the neutral zone and puts it right into the wheelhouse of Sid. Sid takes a hard shot, but 
Bryzgalov is able to stop it. Pens and Flyers exchange words and hits, just another hockey game for the Pens and Flyers. 

0:10- Flower with another great pad/stick save. 

0:00- Second period ends and the Pens are still up 2-1 over the Flyers. 

3rd Period
20:00- Third and final period (maybe) is underway! Pens need to get back into gear and put the Flyers further out of reach! 

17:30- Pens have come out strong. Sid with a hard shot, but it goes wide. 

14:33- Jeffrey turns over the puck in the Pens zone and Flower comes up with a big save! 

12:55- Cookie with a good, hard shot, but it goes wide. 

11:34- Flower with a stick save able to push puck away from Flyer on a bit of a breakaway!

10:55- Giroux is called off-sides, which he would of had a break away! Pens get lucky, but I believe in Flower either way. 

9:06- Niskanen with a good shot from the point and it hits the post! Close call

7:55- Pens with a good shot and Bryzgalov is able to get a whistle. He was unsure of where it was for a bit.  

6:00- Geno makes his way right up the center of the Flyers zone and gets a shot off. It is blocked wide by Bryzgalov. 

5:33- Engo heads to the box for interference penalty on Simmonds. Pens have to come up big on this PK. 

5:00- Flower somehow keeps the puck out of the net! What a mess in front of the Pens net. Pens able to clear the puck out. 

3:33- Pens able to survive Flyers PP. Big thanks to Flower and him standing strong in the net! Made some huge saves. 

3:20- Flower with another huge save. Flower holding down the fort for the Pens. 

2:27- Geno off to the penalty box for a high stick for 2 minutes. Pens bring out the PK unit once again! 

1:26- Flyers empty net! 

1:02- Giroux to box for tripping Tanger! 4 on 4 for 35 seconds! Bryzgalov back in the net. 

0:27- Geno is out of box! Pens with PP.

0:10- KUNI SCORES! Martin with assist and Kuni puts it in the empty net.

0:00- PENS WIN 3-1! Flower earns the franchise record for most wins and the Pens start of the season in a good way!


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