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Pens @ Senators! 1/27/13 Play By Play!

The Pens need to bounce back from two losses in a row and that starts with a win in Ottawa! The Pens are set to take on the Senators at 5pm. Stay tuned for line game updates and the Pens lineup for this game!

Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
 TK, Geno, Neal
Cooke, Sutter, Glass
Tangradi, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Niskanen, Tanger
Engo, Lovejoy

Flower will start in net!

Play By Play

Pens 2 Sens 1


NEAL, SID, and GENO score on the shootout! Flower makes a save on a Sens. Pens come up with the win 2-1!!!

0:00- Martin makes a great play and Flower comes up with an amazing save! We are going to a shootout!

2:00- Sens with a breakaway and Engo tracks him down to bat the puck away. Great defensive play!

2:48- Sutter takes a shot, but is denied by Anderson again!

3:10- Orpik with a great defensive play to clear the puck out of the Sens zone.

5:00- Time for OT! First to score wins and if we can't get it done in OT then shootout time! 4 on 4 hockey!

3rd Period
0:00- We are headed to OT!! Regulation won't decide this one!

0:32- Sens D comes in and takes a shot that goes wide of the net!

1:30- Tanger fighting hard in the Pens D zone. Flower lounges out to glove up the puck after Sens rush back into the Pens zone.

2:47- Pens ice the puck! Pens call a timeout!

4:00- Kuni, Sid, and Duper firing every chance they get at the net. Anderson stepping up and answering every one!

4:18- Flower comes up with a huge save, as he just gets his pad over to the far post to stop a Sens chance.

6:16- Pens get a 3 on 1 chance and Geno takes a shot! He is robbed by the goal post as you hear the ping as his shot rings off it!

7:40- Flower has an amazing sequence of saves. One on a wide open Condra and then gets the left pad down as the Sens take a shot off the rebound. He is really working hard to keep the Pens in this game!

8:10- Tight, fast pace game going on right now!

9:20- Duper tries to pass the puck to Glass who was right in front of the net, but the Sens break up the play. Duper maybe should of shot the puck instead.

10:55- Flower makes a save, but the puck just squeezes through the pads of Flower. However the puck doesn't completely cross the line. No goal!

11:57- Tandragi picks up the puck in the neutral zone and carries it into the Sens zone with some speed. He lets go of a slap shot and Anderson comes up with the save.

13:46- Geno with two great chance on net, but Anderson standing strong. Pens working on this shift and Glass getting to the front of the net. INJURY UPDATE: Niskanen is out with a lower body injury.

15:43- Sens able to kill off the Pens PP chance. Pens still continuing to have trouble entering the Sens zone on the PP and keeping control once in.

17:43- Sens Benoit heads to the sin bin for a holding penalty. Pens with a big PP chance.

20:00- Third period is underway! Pens need to rattle the cage of Anderson, who has been on his game if they want to get the win tonight. Niskanen looks to be out for the game as he missed the 2nd period and is still MIA

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends! Sens were able to tie it up 1-1! Pens still have another period to work with.

1:44- Duper creates a Sens turnover and Sid picks up the puck right in the middle of the Sens zone. He fires a shot, but is robbed by Anderson. So close!

3:46- The Pens 4th line working in the Sens zone and giving good pressure in the Sens zone. Pens really trying to pressure the Sens more in their zone.

6:17- SENS GREENING SCORES! Geno makes a pass across the blue line, Neal doesn't make the play in fear of getting a too many men on the ice penalty (as Sid was just coming off the ice). Sens take a advantage and get a 2 on 1. Greening puts one in behind Flower making it a 1-1 game!

8:53- Pens with a hard battle with the Sens down in the corner of the Sens zone. Oprik able to get a shot off after the Pens recover the puck. Anderson with the save.

11:10- Flower is being very aggressive and coming out a bit to challenge Sens. He comes up with another great pad save and doesn't give up any rebound chance.  

11:34- Pens kill off the Sens PP.

12:13- Cooke gets a huge breakaway chance and goes to the forehand. Anderson stands strong and comes up with a big save to keep the Sens down by one.

13:09- Sens now get a PP for a 1:34 and Pens bring out their PK unit.

13:35- Duper heads off to the box for boarding. 4 on 4 hockey for 26 seconds.

13:58- Tanger takes a hard slap shot from the point, but Anderson gloves it up.

15:08- Sens Condra takes a seat for a faceoff penalty, moving the puck with his hand. Pens will get a PP chance.

15:09- Tanger takes a wrist shot and Anderson makes the save without giving up a rebound. He is really controlling rebound chances.

17:25- Gonchar takes a shot that does through traffic, but Flower able to grab it up and makes sure there is no rebound.

18:41- Pens PP ends. Had better looks on that PP then the other ones.

19:02- Sid fires just wide of the net after an attempt at a redirected shot from Tanger that is saved by Anderson.

20:00- Second period is underway! Pens have a short PP to work with!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends! Pens lead the Sens 1-0

0:04- Sens Condra gets a breakaway chance. Tanger tracks him down to mess up his shot opporunity and Flower comes out of the net to make the save. Great team work.

0:42- Pens will go on the PP again as Gonchar is called for interference on Geno.

1:05- Pens able to kill off the Sens PP.

2:30- Flower comes up with a big save on Gonchar and doesn't give up a rebound chance.

3:05- Sens will get a PP chance as Geno is sent to the sin bin for an interference penalty.

3:24- As Pens PP expires Sutter with a great play, but is denied by the post. Sid drives for a backhanded try, but Anderson is able to get across to deny him.

5:24- Silfverberg goes to the sin bin for slashing and the Pens will get another PP opportunity.

6:30- NEAL SCORES!!! Geno intercepts a Sens stretch pass and bring it into Sens zone. Tangradi drives down the center to open up a pass to Neal. Geno fires a pass to Neal, who goes down to one knee to rip a rocket of a shot pass Anderson! Pens up 1-0!

7:31- Duper with a hard shot that is saved saved by Anderson!

8:08- Sid comes into the Sens zone with great speed backing up the two Sens D. He makes a back pass to TK who fans on the shot. TK tries to regain control and pass it back to Sid, but Sens able to clear the puck out of their zone.

10:30- Mad scramble going on in front of the Pens net. Flower falls into the net, but somehow the puck stays out. Pens able to clear it out!

10:59- Sid with a great back checking effort. Tanger makes a great play to clear the puck out of harms way.

12:22- Pens PP ends. Pens crash the net, but Anderson is able to keep the puck out of the net.

14:22- Spezza takes a seat for a hooking and the Pens will go on the PP.

16:55- Flower makes a pad save! Getting shots early and doing good.

18:43- Neal stationed right in front of the Sens net and gets a puck that bounces off the boards. It just slips off his stick before he can get a shot on net!

20:00- The puck drops and the game is underway! Pens need to bounce back and get a win! Lets Go Pens! 

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