Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pens @ Rangers 1/31/13 Play By Play

The Pens are in the Garden to take on the Rangers! Time for the Pens to bounce back after a horrible loss to the Islanders on Tuesday.

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Jeffery, Geno, Neal
Cooke, Sutter, TK
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Despres, Tanger
Bortuzzo, Engo

Vokoun in the net!

Play By Play
Pens 3 Rangers 0

3rd Period
0:00- PENS WIN 3-0!!! The Pens get the early lead and just add to it throughout the night. Vokoun earns his 49th career shoutout, which was much deserved! Pens #1

1:48- Pens are playing defensively smart and trying to hold onto their lead. Very careful plays by the Pens.

5:24- Vokoun gloves up a shot from Rangers Stralman on a point slap shot.

5:51- Pens PP ends. Pens are 1 for 6 on the PP tonight!

6:36- Martin with a drive from the point and Lundqvist makes the save with no rebound chance for the Pens.

7:51- Pens will get another PP chance as Rangers Halpern will take a seat for interference.

9:37- DESPRES SCORES!!! Duper comes into the Rangers zone carrying the puck and passes it to a wide open Despres, who comes rushing in after getting out of the box. He backhands one over the pad of a sprawling Lundqvist. Pens now lead 3-0 over the Rangers.

9:44- Rangers shot hits the post and their PP expires.

11:45- Despres heads to the box for a hooking penalty. Rangers get a PP.

12:27- Rangers Staal with a shot that goes pass Vokoun, but it hits the post!

14:14- Vokoun has been coming up with some amazing saves and really standing strong in the net for the Pens!

17:52- Vokoun comes up with a great save in tight quarters!

19:32- NEAL SCORES!!! Sid fires a rocket of a shot from the point and Neal, stationed in front of Lundqvist, redirects the shot over and into the net. Pens now lead the Rangers 2-0! PP goal for Neal!

20:00- Third and maybe final period is underway! Pens will a PP for a 1:19! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Pens still lead 1-0 over the Rangers!

0:41- Pens will get another PP. Rangers are giving a penalty for too many men on the ice!

0:53- Sid with a wide open breakaway chance, but Lundqvist is able to get a elbow on the shot. It is directed up high of the net.

1:58- Rangers ice the puck. Shots are 18 a piece for both teams and hits are 22-16 in favor of the Rangers.

3:06- Pens with a great PK. Tanger comes up with a huge shot block and Vokoun flashes the glove to grab up a shot! Rangers PP ends

5:12- Duper will now take a seat for tripping and the Rangers will get a PP opportunity.

5:24- Pens PP ends. They are 0-4 on the PP.

6:03- Sid coming across the front of the net and redirects a shot from the point. Lundqvist comes up with the save.

7:06- Sid with a hard slap shot that is gloved up by Lundqvist. Good to see the PP shooting the puck.

7:25- Rangers Hagelin is called for interference, giving the Pens another PP chance.

8:02- Geno with a great scoring opportunity, but it is blocked by the defender and goes wide of the net.

10:47- Pens PP ends. Rangers Hagelin gets a chance, but Tanger stays with him every step of the way. Vokoun is able to make the save and freeze the puck.

12:09- Pens with PP. Rangers Nash with a wrap around chance. Vokoun was out of the net, but Pens step up to keep the puck out.

7:11- Rangers Del Zotto gets a hooking penalty and heads to the box. 4 on 4 hockey for 39 seconds.

14:11- Rangers get a PP as Cooke heads to the sin bin for an interference penalty.

15:13- Rangers McDonagh with a wrist shot from the point and Gaborik, at the front of the net, redirects it. Vokoun comes up with an amazing save and there is no rebound!

17:37- Rangers with a one on one breakaway chance. He is not out skating Tanger who breaks up the play. Pens PP ends.

19:38- Sid comes flying down the side of the ice and gets a shot off. Lundqvist with the save. Sid roughed up on the play by Girardi who goes off for roughing. Pens with 4 on 3 PP for 1:28 and then a regular PP for the rest of the time.

20:00- Time for the second period. Both teams will start with a man down, some 4 on 4 hockey for about 1:48.

1st Period
0:00- First period ends. Pens with the lead 1-0 over the Rangers.

0:11- Neal with a shot on the side of the net and Geno tries to stuff in the rebound. Staal just clobbers Geno on to the ice. Both receive roughing penalties. 4 on 4 hockey.

2:48- Vokoun comes up with a save on a shot that went though some traffic. Engo showing his strength boxing out a Ranger.

4:37- TK comes flying into the slot and picks up the rebound. He fires one just wide of the Rangers net.

5:59- Pens able to kill off the Rangers PP. Good PK.

7:59- Rangers will get a PP chance. Pens get a too many men on the ice penalty, Neal serves it.

9:37- Sutter with a great shot on Lundqvist who makes the save. Sutter has been putting a lot on net the past few games and just hasn't been able to put on in yet.

10:42- Vokoun jumps on a loose puck that was knocked down into the blue paint. Engo shoves Nash out of the front of the net. They exchange words.

12:10- Pens have been able to hold the Rangers to only one shot so far in this game!

14:36- Pens PP ends. Tanger's shot is gloved up by Lundqvist!

16:00- Vokoun with a save on a Rangers short handed chance.

16:36- Pens will get a PP chance as Nash sits for high sticking.

18:36- GENO SCORES!!! Tanger goes to the point and makes a pass to his defense partner Despres. Despres lines up a shot from the point, but makes a pass to Geno on the half board. Geno fires a shot and it sails pass Lundqvist. Pens up 1-0 early in this game.

20:00- The puck drops and it is time for the Pens to do some work! Lets Go Pens!

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