Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pens vs Flyers Play by Play (Aprils Fools Day)

Pens 4 Flyers 6

Third Period

0:00- FLYERS WIN. Flyers pick up the win 6-4 over the Pens, but it seems something has awoken in the Pens.

0:32- KUNI SCORES! After all the mess is sorted out Pens get PP and Kuni keeps the focus with a goal. 6-4 Flyers

1:00- Vitale lays a huge clean hit! Madness erupts and coaches even yelling at each other. Laviolette and Granato leave and others. Have to be watching to understand. Just can't explain it all. 

1:26- Pens with empty net.

1:37- Flower with huge save!

2:08- Pens win faceoff and Neal with a wicked shot hits the crossbar!

2:50- Sid with a great chance in front of the net!

4:42- SULLIVAN SCORES! Sullivan rifles one that bounces out of the net. Refs miss it, but reviewed the play and give them the goal. Sid crossed checked after play, but waved off due to goal. Engo coming for you!

6:43- FLYERS BOURDON SCORES. Flyers win faceoff and Bourdon rips one and it goes of the hip of Z and into the net. 5-2 Flyers

8:50- Pens kill off the PP and great job by Adams and Flower with great saves.

10:50- Flyers to PP as Cooke heads to box for slashing.

11:20- Z with two great shots and great chances.

13:23- FLYERS VORACEK SCORES. Voracek gets a long lead pass and burns Niskanen to put the Flyers ahead 4-2. Pens falling apart and need to pick it up!

15:20- Duper with a rifle of a shot and it just goes high and wide of the net.

17:24- FLYERS SIMMONDS SCORES. Simmonds left all alone at the side of the net and puts it in the open net. Flower had not chance on that. D was out of place. 3-2 Flyers

18:17- Flyers now on the PP.

18:48- Kuni goes to the box for interference. 4 on 4 hockey for 31 seconds and then Flyers PP.

20:00- Pens with PP for 1:43. Lets get this done Pens! Lets Go Pens! 2-2 tie game

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends with the game tied 2-2! Flyers dominated the first part of that period, but Pens surged back. Refs finally started calling penalties and not turning a blind eye. Pens have PP to start the third.

0:01- The puck hits the post and goes behind Bobrovsky. Sid goes for the puck and gets a piece. Bobrovsky gets his hand out in time to stop it. So close!

0:17- Orpik is hooked up on the play and Flyers Wellwood sits. Pens with another PP. Refs getting the message.

1:20- Pens PP ends!

3:20- Pens with PP.

3:43- Flyers caught with too many men on the ice.

5:30- Pens PP goes away as Sullivan goes to the box for tripping 4 on 4 hockey.

5:40- Flyers Bourdon to the box for hooking and Pens finally get a PP.

5:43- Z with a great shot after circling out from behind the net. Bobrovsky with the save.

6:27- Refs are missing their whistles with no calls. Sid gets his stick taken away and no call. Unreal.

9:17- Asham tripped up and no call. unreal and not surprised, kind of sad.

11:22- Tanger with a great play into the Flyers zone and passes to Sid. Sid wide open with a great chance. Hooked a bit and Bobrovsky with the save.

12:57- Engo with a hard shot and gets his rebound. Almost sneaks one in!

14:19- Flower shuts the door on the Flyers. Great save. Much needed one.

15:05- Flyers ice the puck.

16:20- Flyers with great zone time and puck control. Pens finally able to clear the puck. TK with a great shot!

18:35- FLYERS TALBOT SCORES. Talbot sneaks in behind the D and redirects a puck pass Flower. 2-2 tie game.

20:00- Second period time! Pens need to lengthen that lead and put the Flyers back in their place.

First Period

0:00- First period ends. Pens came on strong at the end and had some great chances. Pens lead the Flyers 2-1

0:48- Kuni with a chance from Sid and Geno play.

1:20- Pens kill Flyers PP.

3:24- Niskanen sits for holding and Flyers get a PP.

4:50- FLYERS Giroux SCORES. Giroux takes a shot from the point that stopped between the pads of Flower. Hartnell pushes Flower a bit and the puck trickles into the net. No call, of course that would be in our favor. 2-1 Pens

7:05- Sullivan burst through Flyers players and to the front of the net. Takes a high shot and Bobrovsky makes the save.

7:53- Duper had a great chance in front of the net. Flower comes up big once again.

11:01- Pens PP ends. Tanger with great defensive play and that is why we needed him back. Pens with some great chances.

13:01- Briere goes to the box for interference and the Pens will have a PP to work with.

15:02- NEAL SCORES! Tanger keeps the puck in the zone and Kuni picks up the puck. He passes to Geno behind the net. Geno passes to Neal on the goal line, he shoots over the right shoulder and into the net. 2-0 Pens

15:23- Tanger looks good and getting some good chances.

18:26- Flower with huge save and the puck hits the post!

18:46- SULLIVAN SCORES! Sid first shot is saved and Duper passes the rebound behind the net and to Sid. He goes to Sullivan that fans on the shot, but it floats pass Flyers Bobrovsky and into the net. 1-0 Pens

19:04- Flower with a great early save

20:00- Puck drops and the game is on. Pens look to further the points gap between them and the Flyers. Plus kick some butt! Lets Go Pens!

Line combinations as follows:

Kuni, Geno, Neal
Sully, Sid, Duper
Cooke, Staal, TK
Adams, Vitale, Asham

D Pairings
Martin, Tanger
Orpik, Z
Niskanen, Engo

Flower in the net.

Pens scratches are Tangradi, Park, Lovejoy, and Jeffery.

The Pens to take on the Flyers this afternoon at 12:30 on NBC.

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