Friday, April 20, 2012

Pens vs Flyers Game 5 Play by Play

Pens 3 Flyers 2

Third Period

0:00- PENS WIN!!! 3-2 and we are going to Game 6! Pens in 7!

1:24- Flyers with empty net and Flower with glove save. Flyers timeout

3:14- Duper with nice play to get the puck out of the zone.

5:10- Kuni laid out a Flyer by the benches. Good clean hit.

7:13- Staal with a backhand chance, but it just goes wide.

8:20- Flower with a flash of his glove.

10:22- Pens kill it and Flower was amazing. He was making some amazing saves on the PK. Solid on the PK.

12:23- Flyers with PP as TK goes to box for slashing.

12:50- Flower with a nice save on Giroux and gives no rebound.

13:54- Pens forced the Flyer's off-sides.  

15:54- Neal with a great wrist shot, but is saved.

17:42- Geno with a wrap around chance. Nice chance. Flower with nice save.

20:00- Third period is underway. Pens need to keep up the hard work and keep the lead. One period left. Pens in 7!

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends. Pens lead 3-2 over the Flyers.

0:40- Pens kill off the Flyers PP.

2:40- Flyers PP and Geno is in the box for interference.

4:03- Flower gloves up a shot by Giroux from the blue line area.

5:39- Flower gets a piece of Jagr's shot that goes wide of the net.

7:38- TK and Staal get a rush up ice and TK gets a nice shot.

10:37- TK SCORES! Cooke with a great pass to TK, who is wide open and he rockets a fast shot into the Flyer's net. 3-2 Pens

13:38- STAAL SCORES! Tanger with a nice long pass up to TK. TK chips it up to Staal and he roofs it high glove and into the net. 2-2 tie game.

14:40- Tangradi with a great shot and Sullivan picks up the rebound, but fans on the shot.

17:06- Pens PP ends. Not great for the Pens as they had no shots. Flyers ice the puck.

19:07- Flower with great pad save on Jagr. Lilja to box for hooking and Pens get PP.

20:00- Second period is underway! Pens need to get some goals and take the lead. Pens in 7!

First Period

0:00- Z with one last chance before the buzzer sounds. Flyers leading 2-1, but Pens still can do it.

0:34- Flyers PP ends.

2:25- FLYERS HARTNELL SCORES. Hartnell left open on the side of net and puts it up high. 2-1 Flyers 1:42 PP still to work with.

2:35- Flyers get 5 on 3 PP for 18 seconds as Adams will sit for slashing.

4:17- Geno to the box for roughing and Flyers with PP.

5:09- SULLIVAN SCORES! Tanger with a great pass to the wheelhouse of Sullivan. Sullivan lasers a one-timer into the open net on the PP. 1-1 Tie game.

6:47- Pens with PP as Coburn goes to the box for interference.

8:15- FLYERS SCHENN SCORE. Schenn puts one pass Flower who has Briere right by him. 1-0 Flyers

10:13- Flyers to the PP and Engo sitting for roughing.

10:49- Flower with a great save on Giroux's backhanded shot.

12:11- Pens PP ends. Geno and Neal with some good chances.

14:11- Simmonds goes to the box for tripping and Pens get a PP.

16:56- Sid with a rush up into the Flyers zone and gets a nice shot off.

17:57- Flower with a great pad save and Cooke picks up rebound from Flyer.

20:00- Puck drops and here we go! Pens need to answer the call once again and keep their playoff hopes alive! Pens In 7!

Lines are as follows as Pens dress 7 defensemen:

Sullivan, Sid, Duper
Kuni, Geno, Neal
Cooke, Staal, TK
Tangradi, Adams

D pairings
Orpik, Tanger
Niskanen, Z
Strait, Engo

Pens getting ready to take on the Flyers for Game 5!

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