Monday, April 2, 2012

Brawl of a Game!

The Pens took on the Flyers at home yesterday and as usual the physical play did not disappoint. Unfortunately the Pens came out on the losing side 6-3 of the battle, for now.

The Pens came out and seemed to be full of energy. They tallied two unanswered goals, from Sullivan and Neal. It looked like it was the Pens game. The Flyers took a timely timeout after the second Pens goal and it kicked the Flyers into gear.

The Flyers were able to put on in the net before the first period ended. Giroux from the point with a Hartnell with some interference on the Flower.

After the first period the Pens looked good and needed to keep the momentum going. That did not happen however.

The second period started and Talbot put one in the net. Twisting the knife in Pens fans back a little more. The Pens looked to be on their heels a bit in the second period, with a Flyers keep coming hard. The second period seemed to belong to the Flyers. The third period would decided who the game went too.

The Pens had been laying hard hits and being very physical. Then the Flyers got a power play and the Pens had a huge PK on their hands. Simmonds capitalized on the power play giving the Flyers the lead and it didn't end their.

The Flyers notched another two goals giving them a three goal lead. It was not looking good for the Pens. A late goal by Sullivan gave them a little life, but once again it was a little too late.

The Flyers came back scoring an empty netter. With only about a minute or so left, the Pens were done. Bylsma stuck out his 4th line to eat up minutes and let the others rest after the hard fought battle right before the empty net goal.

Vitale laid a hard huge hit on Briere that leveled him at center ice. That is when all hell broke loose. It was showing the rivalry that both teams share with one another. It was a crazy frenzy. Coaches yelling at one another, players fighting, even Hartnell was taunting fans. Most notable MalkaMania and Twitter about blew up. The video on the bottom post shows some of the craziness going on.

With the little time left Geno and Sid step up Kuni for a late goal, showing the Pens still had their focus even with an empty bench. Fifteen penalties were handed out during the mad scramble. Granato and Laviolette were sent to the locker rooms.

Little note, Laviolette called Bylsma gutless such class from a coach. Bylsma didn't say anything about Laviolette in his interview.

If the Pens and Flyers meet in the playoffs it will be an interesting and exciting match up. The Pens didn't come out on top, but I feel like a something was awoken in the team and the coaches. Lets see whats comes of it.

Pens face the Bruins tomorrow in Boston. Lets Go Pens

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