Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pens vs Flyers Game 4 Play by Play! (Must Win for Pens)

Pens 10 Flyers 3

Third Period

0:00- PENS WIN 10-3!!!! That is the score and the Pens are still alive in this series.

1:48- Kinda boring right now.

3:05- Tanger with a nice play to sweep the puck away from the front of the net.

4:00- Pens getting closer to officially getting the win tonight.

6:18- Pens ice the puck. Nothing major going on right now.

9:33- Sid playing some goalie able to clear the puck.

11:00- Cooke and Vitale are out for the game. Kubina and Simmonds are also done. All with 10 min game misconducts and 2 min minor penalties.

11:42- Pens playing keep away right now.

14:47- Flower makes a diving save and it was amazing.

15:56- GENO SCORES!! Geno picks up the puck off a rebound and buries one into the net. #10 Pens lead 10-3.

16:44- Sid is amazing with his puck handling ability. Great backhand shot.

19:11- Pens PP is over. Full strength. Z is back on the ice.

20:00- Third period time. Pens have a 40 second PP to work with. Time for the Pens to put this game away and get the win.

Second Period

0:00- Second period ends. Pens are leading 9-3 and will have a 40 second PP to start the third period.

3:17- Rinaldo with a cheap shot to the head of Z. He gets penalties and a game misconduct. Pens with 4 minute PP.

3:57- STAAL SCORES THE HATTER! Staal with 2 on 1 chance and he goes top shelf to put the Pens up 9-3. Hat trick!

5:01- DUPER SCORES! Kuni with a great pass to Duper in the slot, who rifles one top shelf and into the net. Pens lead 8-4

7:25- Flower with an amazing save on Jagr.

7:59- 4 on 4 hockey. Park in box for Pens and Flyers with too many men on ice call.

9:05- SULLIVAN SCORES! Sullivan comes rushing into the zone and puts a rocket shot into the goal. PP goal and Pens lead 7-3. Flower gets an assist.

9:20- Flyers get another penalty and Pens get a PP.

9:47- Pens PP ends. Nice chances.

11:47- Pens to the PP as Tangradi with hard work draws a penalty.

12:39- STAAL SCORES!! TK with a nice feed to Staal in the slot. He waste no time and puts a quick shot in the net. 6-3 Pens 

14:28- Grossman in the box for tripping up Tanger who was down on the play. He goes to bench and looks ok. Pens on PP.

16:00- Flower with nice save and Duper rushes up ice with a chance. Strait with a hard shot from the blue line.

16:53- TANGER SCORES! Sid with a nice pass to Tanger and he puts it in the top corner of the net on the PP. Pens lead 5-3. Flyers switch goalies.

17:09- Giroux goes to the box for high sticking and Pens with PP.

17:58- Pens PP ends and had some great chances. Flower with a save.

20:00- Second period is underway. Pens have a PP to work with to start the period.

First Period

0:00- First period ends. Pens lead 4-3 and hopefully they keep the lead. They will have a PP to start the second period.

2:31- STAAL SCORES! Cooke shot is saved and Tangradi keeps alive the rebound. Staal in front puts it in the open net. 4-3 Pens

3:41- Sid SCORES!! Niskanen shoots from the blue line and may have been redirect by Sid. 3-3 tie game.

4:03- FLYERS VORACEK SCORES. Wide open Voracek at the side of the net puts it in. 3-2 Flyers

4:51- FLYERS TIMMONEN SCORES. Hard through the five hole. Flyers still have a PP to work with. 2-2 tie

5:37- Flyers 5 on 3.

6:08- Cooke now in the box for high sticking.

6:32- Orpik in the box for cross-checking. Flyers 4 on 3 for 42 seconds and a short 5 on 3 if no goal.

6:58- Kuni sits for interference. 4 on 4 hockey for 1:17 than a Flyers PP for about a 40 seconds.

7:41- Rinaldo to the box for interference and Pens to PP.

9:20- Flower makes a nice pad save.

11:55- NISKANEN SCORES! Sullivan to Sid and then to Niskanen. He puts it in the net for a PP goal. Great puck movement. 2-1 Pens 

13:18- Pens are going on the PP. Coburn in the box for Flyers.

16:23- GENO SCORES! Duper with a hard shot and Geno outworks D in front of the net to put in the rebound. Tie game 1-1.

16:31- Pens kill off Flyers PP.

18:31- Geno now sits and Flyers with PP number two.

18:44- FLYERS GIROUX SCORES. Jagr wins the battle and passes to a wide open Giroux. He puts it in the five-hole pass Flower on the PP. 1-0 Flyers

19:43- Sullivan sits in the box for high sticking and Flyers PP.

20:00- Puck drops and here we go! Time for the Pens to answer the call and keep their playoff hopes alive. Pens in 7.

Line combinations as Pens dress seven defensemen.

Kuni, Malkin, TK
Sullivan, Sid, Duper
Tangradi, Staal, Cooke
(Vitale, Park)

D pairings
Tanger, Orpik
Z, Niskanen
Striat, Lovejoy

Flower in the net.

Pens scratch Neal, Adams, Asham, Jeffery, and Martin.

The puck is going to drop in about 30 minutes. This is a due or die for the Pens! I believe and am behind them 100 percent. PENS IN 7!

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