Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Battle!

By: MF, The Pens Hockey Show

The Penguins are almost ready to celebrate the incoming 2014 year, but they have to take down the Devils! The Penguins will want to close this game out with a win and have 2013 end on a high note! The Penguins will not be having any chances to their roster for this game except for the netminder for today's game will be Marc-Andre Fleury. Also Maatta has been struggling the last few games and could be a possible healthy scratch. The Penguins will have to come out with speed and get on the board early. The Penguins need to keep pressuring the Devils and not let him have any kind of edge! Time to end 2013 with a win! Lets Go Pens!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Vitale
Conner, Jokinen, Neal
Gibbons, Sutter, Kobasew
Glass, Sill, Adams

Orpik, Engo
Scuderi, Niskanen
Despres, Bortuzzo

Flower in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 1 Devils 2

3rd Period
0:00- Devils get the win 2-1 for the Pens and that is it for 2013! See you guys next year! Happy New Year and a safe one!

0:29- Flower heads to the bench and the Pens have an empty net.

0:49- The Pens ice the puck.

2:48- The Devils are able to kill off the Pens PP.

4:48- The Pens will get their first PP of the game as Salvador is sent to the box for interference.

7:37- The Pens with a huge PK on the Devils PP! Great work by the PKers and Flower in the cage!

9:37- The Pens will have to kill off the Devils 4th PP as Orpik is called for interference.

11:54- Jokinen fires a shot and it rings off the post!

13:10- The Pens get a 2 on 1 chance. Sutter decides to shoot and Brodeur makes the save and the puck is loose. The Pens crash the net, but Brodeur keeps them out!

15:32- Kuni fires from the center blue line and Sid whacks at the rebound! Brodeur is able to get to the bouncing puck and cover it!

20:00- The Pens need to pressure the Devils and work hard below the goal line to put pucks behind Brodeur! Time to do it Pens! Third period time! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- The second period ends and the Pens are down 2-1 to the Devils!

0:58- Kuni, Sid, and Neal start up ice and Sid passes over to Neal. He fires a shot that just goes wide of the net!

2:22- Conner blocks a shot and gets in a race to the rolling puck. Brodeur comes out and ends up shooting the rolling puck into the Pens bench.

3:59- The Pens come up with a huge PK and Sutter is set free. Kuni did a great job even though his stick broke while blocking a shot.

5:59- Neal is back on the bench. Sutter is called for tripping and the Devils get their third PP of the game.

6:30- Neal has headed to the locker room.

8:26- The Pens with another great PK and Bortuzzo is released from the box.

9:20- Flower makes a save with his mask, but he says he is ok. Flower tries adjusting his mask.

10:26- Bortuzzo is sent to the sin bin for tripping and the Devils get their second PP of the game.

13:02- NISKANEN SCORES! Gibbons and Kuni work hard below the goal line and get the puck to Sid! Sid steps up Niskanen and he rifles one pass Brodeur's glove! NiskCannon strikes! 2-1 Devils!

14:01- The Pens may be down 2-0 to the Devils, but Flower has been strong in the net and coming up with quality saves.

17:15- RYDER SCORES! The Pens are caught down in their own zone again and Ryder is left alone in the high slot. He lets go of a quick release shot that flies right pass the glove of Flower. 2-0 Devils

20:00- Time to turn this game around Pens! Second period time! Conner is back on the bench! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and the Devils lead the Pens 1-0.

1:20- Clowe lays a huge hit on Orpik behind the Pens net. It will be interesting to see how Orpik answers Clowe's hit.

2:14- Jagr fires a shot, but Flower squeezes his pads together to make the save!

3:36- The Pens 4th line gets some pressure in the Devils zone and it's a tired Jagr line.

5:42- Conner was knocked into the boards hard and has headed to the locker room.

7:35- Vitale gets speed down the boards and fires a shot, but Brodeur is ready to make the pad save.

10:30- Vitale has been back on the ice and looks to be fine.

11:43- The Pens with a great PK effort and the Devils PP ends. The Pens did a great job of keeping sticks in lanes and blocking shots. That is why they are 2nd PK in the NHL.

13:43- The Devils will be getting the first PP of the game as Sid heads to the box for hooking.

15:25- Gionta gets speed and gets pass Despres and Bortuzzo. Flower makes a great pad save, coming out to challenge Gionta!

16:58- The Pens crash the net and Brodeur is out of place to make a save. Kuni puts the puck over the wide open net!

18:22- HENRIQUE SCORES! Neal is stripped of the puck trying to make a play up the center of the Pens zone. Henrique picks up the bouncing puck in the slot area and puts it over the shoulder of Flower. 1-0 Devils.

19:13- Vitale has gone down the runway to the locker room.

20:00- The puck has dropped on the last Pens game of 2013! The Pens need to get one early and pressure the Devils! Lets Go Pens! 


  1. The Pens are getting out played in the 1st period. Although they are picking up the pace late.

  2. Better 2nd period for the Pens