Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Round 1 Game 4: Pens @ Islanders

The Pens will look to take a two game lead in this series tonight and have the chance to end this series in five.   They had some trouble in the last game with puck possession, transition, and stopping the scoring chances for the Isles. They had a three goal lead and let that slip away, but finished the job in overtime. The Pens will be looking to tighten up their game and make sure they control the tone. They want to play their kind of hockey, which we haven't seen in the last two games. On the injury front: Neal and Orpik practiced with the team today and may be in the lineup tonight, it will be a game decision. Hopefully they can play and it will help boost the Pens up.

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Neal, Geno, Iginla
Morrow, Sutter, Cooke
Glass, Jokinen, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Eaton, Tanger
Murray, Niskanen

Flower in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 4 Islanders 6

3rd Period
0:00- Isles get the win 6-4 over the Pens and tie up this series 2-2!

0:50- The Pens empty their net.

1:16- CIZIKAS SCORES! Cizikas comes in with backhanded shot and scores. 6-4 Isles

2:19- Isles ice the puck and call a timeout.

5:02- The Pens are rushing plays and causing turnovers, this is not the time for that.

9:49- TAVARES SCORES! Geno makes a horrible play to turn over the puck in the defensive zone. Everyone goes to the net and Tavares picks up the rebound to give the Isles the 5-4 lead!

11:02- Sid makes an amazing play in front of the Isles net to get the puck to Duper. He is denied by Nabokov!

12:27- Flower denies Moulson right in front of the net with a 3 on 2 chance! Great pad save!

15:30- STREIT SCORES! Streit takes a shot from the blue line and it's deflected off the skate of Murray, just pass the pad of Flower. 4-4 tie game once again!

16:07- Both teams are back to full strength!

18:07- Geno and McDonald each get a penalty. Geno for holding and McDonald for embellishing. Some 4 on 4 hockey.

19:19- KUNI SCORES!!! Sid drops off the puck to Kuni, who fires one at the net. It goes off the leg of Duper and right into the back of the net. Pens take back the lead 4-3!

20:00- Third period is underway! The Pens need to get the job done and pressure the Isles in their own zone! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and it's once again tied 3-3!

1:24- OKPOSO SCORES! The Isles get some great pressure on the Pens in their own zone, Isles looked to be on a PP. Flower didn't control the rebound and Okposo was able to bank one off his leg into the net. 3-3 tie game

2:13- Iginla with a quick shot to the blocker side of Nabokov, who comes up with an impressive save.

2:45- Isles get some time in the Pens zone, pressuring some tired defenders. Flower with a couple of great saves.

4:54- The Pens PP comes to an end and Isles had a good PK. Nabokov makes a solid save at the penalty expired.

6:54- Isles McDonald gets a holding penalty and the Pens will get a PP chance.

8:30- SUTTER SCORES!!! Cooke goes into the zone for the puck and levels Carkner to take the puck. He passes it to Morrow, who puts the puck right on Sutter's stick. He controls the puck and puts it glove side. Nabokov gets a piece, but not enough. 3-1 Pens

9:49- Tavares is now awarded the goal instead of Streit as he got piece of it.

12:43- GENO SCORES!!! The Pens get yet another quick reponse, this time within 58 seconds. Geno and Neal get a 2 on 1 chance. Geno fools the Isles into thinking he is going to pass and instead buries one pass the blocker of Nabokov! 2-2 tie game!

13:41- STREIT SCORES ON THE PP! Streit fires one and it goes into the back of the net. Flower couldn't get set, looked like his skate got stuck into a rut or something. Isles lead 2-1

14:12- Isles will get their 4th PP of the game as Cooke heads to the sin bin for goalie interference.

14:34- The Pens PP comes to an end. What a PP for the Pens. Had some great chances and crashed the net. Kept up the pressure on that PP and didn't let Isles get a change.

16:34- The Pens will finally get a PP chance as Strait gets a high sticking penalty.

18:25- The Pens come up with another big PK. Great job getting into lanes and making sure the Isles can't get chances on the net.

20:00- Second period time! The Pens have a Isles PP to kill for another 1:35! Lets kill it and take control of this game! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and this game is tied up 1-1!

0:25- Now Cooke will head to the box for interference and the Isles get their third PP of the game.

1:38- Flower makes a huge pad save on a charging Tavares!

5:10- NEAL SCORES!!! Iginla comes into the zone and makes a pass to Geno right in the slot area. Geno makes a beautiful and quick pass to Neal at the side of the net. Neal fires a rocket shot that beats Nabokov on his glove side. Pens tie his game up 1-1!

5:55- STRAIT SCORES! Strait fires a hard shot from the blue line and it finds its way into the back of the net. Flower was screened on that play, looked like Sutter was in front of him. Isles lead 1-0.

7:20- Sid takes a puck to the face area as the puck is deflected off an Isles shot. Crowd cheers, of course. Sid looks to be ok.

7:45- Flower comes up with an amazing kick save, very alert save.

8:09- The Isles ice the puck and Pens get a big offensive zone faceoff. Sid's line is on for the faceoff.

10:59- The Pens have another huge PK! Flower solid in the net and Pens were getting sticks in lanes to clear the puck of the zone.

12:59- Flower comes up with a big save, but Orpik takes a retaliatory penalty. Isles back to the PP.

14:40- Sid gets the first shot for the Pens in this game. Nabokov makes the pad save.

16:36- The Pens kill off the Isles PP. Flower had some good, quick saves. Everyone crashed the net and made sure to get the puck cleared out of the front of the net.

18:36- The Isles will get the first PP of the game and it's a early one. Geno is sent to the box for hooking.

20:00- The puck drops on game 4!! Time for the Pens to set the tone of this game and keep control the entire game! Lets Go Pens! 

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