Thursday, May 9, 2013

Game 5 - Series lead up for grabs!

It's time for game 5 of this series and with a win the Pens can take back the series lead. They are back at home to try to do the job. There will be a goalie change as Vokoun will start in the net for the Pens, but the team will have to step up in front of him also. The Pens were not at all like themselves in game 4, they were turning over pucks, giving up scoring chances, getting penalties, and all around loose game. They were out worked be the Islanders and they earned the win, plain and simple. The Pens need to get back to their hard working play, like they did when all the injuries were occurring. They are trying to win on pure skill and they might, but they should be out working the Islanders every game. Hopefully, they have had time to think about game 4 and are ready to go in this game. They need to come out with speed and set the tone at the start of this game. Showing the Islanders they are ready to work hard and win this series!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Neal, Geno, Iginla
Morrow, Sutter, Cooke
TK, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Despres, Tanger
Murray, Niskanen

Vokoun in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 4 Islanders 0

3rd Period

0:23- Adams, Murray, and Acoin are sent to the locker rooms. Strait goes to the box for the rest of the game and the Pens get a 5 on 3 PP.

1:30- Morrow and Hamonic head to the locker rooms after refs kick them off. Trying to control the end of this game.

2:00- Hickey gets an elbowing penalty and the Pens head to the PP. Sutter was elbowed in the head and looked a bit woozy on the way to the bench. Still on the bench and hope he is ok.

3:38- Geno puts the puck right on a silver platter for Neal at the side of the net. It's just pushed wide of the net!

7:02- The Pens PP comes to an end.

7:49- Geno and Boyes get matching unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Boyes stick Geno while on the bench and Geno pushed back.

9:02- Hamonic heads to the box for roughing on Morrow and the Pens will get a PP chance!

10:09- The Pens kill off the Isles 2nd PP! Vokoun was solid in the net and the PKers did a great job of clearing out the loose puck.

12:09- The Isles are headed to the PP as Murray is sent to the box for interference.

12:53- Vokoun comes up two amazing pad saves on Hamonic! Spectacular!

14:17- TANGER SCORES ON THE PP!!! Sid makes a great backhanded pass right to the stick of Tanger. He lets go of a quick, hard shot that blows pass the blocker of Nabokov! 4-0 Pens! Nabokov is replaced by Poulin!

14:23- Matt Martin goes to the box for roughing and the Pens get a PP. Great discipline by Martin for the Pens.

16:10- Neal puts the puck to the front of the net from the back of it. Geno is right there in the blue paint, but his shot is steered wide of the net! Crowd thought that it was in, but it wasn't!

17:34- The Pens ice the puck and call a timeout to rest their tired players. The Pens are able to clear the puck and get a change.

20:00- Third period time! The Pens may have the lead, but they need to keep up the pressure and not go on the defensive! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- The second period ends and the Pens have the 3-0 lead over the Isles!

1:00- Sid blocks a shot with his skate and walks off with a bit of a limp. Goes to the locker room, but is back on the bench and looks ok.

6:00- SID SCORES!!! I am going to try to describe Sid's goal, but I still won't give it any justice...just an amazing play by our Captain! Sid gets the puck and splits the Isles defense with some sick stick handling moves. He puts a laser shot right pass Nabokov! Pens take a three goal lead 3-0!

6:40- Tavares makes an amazing stick handling move around Martin, but Vokoun answers with a even better pad save!

11:13- MURRAY SCORES!!! Kuni with some great work on the boards to get the puck, he passes it off to Murray at the point. He puts one onto the net and Nabokov looks to get a piece of it, but the puck finds the back of the net. Pens take a 2-0 lead!

12:35- TK SCORES!!! Tanger puts up a huge stretch pass as TK was screaming for the puck. He gets a breakaway chance and doesn't miss, as he puts one high over the glove of Nabokov! He has been working hard and deserved that goal. 1-0 Pens!

13:43- The Pens so far are making smart decisions, passes, and staying discipline. The continuation of that will be key for the Pens in this game.

15:30- Sid puts up a great pass to Iginla, who has a step up on the Isles defense. His backhander is just push wide of the net by the pad of Nabokov. Great chance for the Pens!

16:23- TK, Vitale, and Adams working hard in the offensive zone. Great shift by those guys, working hard to keep possession of the puck.

17:46- Nabokov stuns Kuni twice right in front of the net. Kuni doing a great job of getting to the blue paint to get a chance!

18:56- Despres lets loose a long stretch pass, banking it up the boards for Sid to get a 1 on 1 chance with speed. He lets go of his signature backhander, but it goes up over the net.

20:00- It's second period time! The Pens need to stay disciplined and get more time in the offensive zone! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and it's scoreless. Shots are 14-7 in favor of the Isles. The Pens need to figure out the neutral issue the Isles are creating for them.

1:02- Niskanen gets beat and Isles get a 2 on 1 chance, but Vokoun makes the glove save. Solid in the net right now.

3:33- Murray falls down in the defensive zone to give the Isles a 3 on 1 chance. McDonald takes a shot, but Vokoun turns it aside! The crowd cheers its approval!

5:46- Orpik takes a shot from the point and Vitale tries to jam in the rebound. Isles able to clear the puck out of the front of the net.

8:40- Cooke gets a chance in the slot and fires one that goes wide of the net.

10:25- The Pens kill off the Isles PP and Vokoun made some big saves on the PK. PKers did a great job of clearing the puck out of the zone.

12:25- Vokoun comes up with a glove save and two pad saves on some close range shots. Neal takes a roughing penalty after the play and the Isles get a PP chance.

13:00- Kuni is now working on Geno's line with Neal. Iginla takes Kuni's shot on Sid's line with Duper. Bylsma looking at new line combinations to spark up the offensive.

14:36- The Pens PP comes to an end. Sid had a great, bad angle shot that hit the side of the net. Fooled those at the game and myself, as it look like it had went into the net.

16:36- Amazing shift by TK and Vitale and the Pens get a PP as a result. Strait goes to the box for interference.

18:13- Orpik lays out Okposo at the back of the Pens net! Handing out some free candy!

20:00- The puck drops at Consol Energy Center for game 5! The Pens need to come out with speed, be physical, and set the tone of this game! Lets Go Pens! 

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