Saturday, May 11, 2013

Game 6: Pens look to eliminate Islanders!

Well the Pens can eliminate the Islanders tonight and move on to the second round of the playoffs tonight! It won't be easy, as the Islanders are in their own territory and will have the loud support of their fans to back them up. The Pens lineup changes last game, sparked a change in them and they did a much better job in their all around game. They were managing the puck better, lessening turnovers, playing smart with the puck, and working hard in the Islanders' zone. Hopefully, the Pens can keep that hard work going and get the win tonight!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Duper, Sid, Iginla
Kuni, Geno, Neal
Morrow, Sutter, Cooke
TK, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Despres, Tanger
Niskanen, Murray

Vokoun in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 4 Islanders 3

OT Period

13:00- This game is stressful! Chances everywhere!

17:30- Geno gets a pass to Kuni at the side of the net, but his shot is deflected away from the net.

20:00- OT time! The Pens need to continue to work hard, like they did at toward the end of the third and get the win! Lets Go Pens!

3rd Period
0:00- We are headed to OT!!! Buckle up guys, this is going to be a stressful one!

5:16- MARTIN SCORES!!! Geno explodes with speed in the Isles zone and takes the puck behind the net. He comes out from behind the net and puts a pass to Martin at the point. Martin blows a shot pass the glove on Nabokov! 3-3 tie game.

7:00- The Pens are working hard on the boards in the Isles zone. Promising look, they need to continue to work hard and get the puck on net. The Pens are starting to get urgent as time whines down.

10:25- The Pens getting some time in the offensive zone, but Isles still out working them.

14:08- Geno works behind the Isles net and gets a pass out to Neal. He lets go of a wicked wrist shot that just wide of the net.

17:39- ISLES GRABNER SCORES! Vokoun can't cover the puck as he juggles it. Tanger tries a pass up ice, but it's turned over in the Pens zone. Grabner puts it in the back of the net. 3-2 Isles

20:00- Third period time! Pens need to come out ready to work this period to get the win! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- The second period ends and the Pens are lucky to escape with a 2-2 tie.

1:32- The Pens are able to kill off the Isles PP. They need to get some offensive going and take the momentum from the goals!

3:32- The Isles will head right back onto the PP as the Pens get a too many men on the ice penalty. Bylsma is clearly upset with the refs since they had missed a slashing penalty on Martin, who stick had been broken as a result of the slash.

3:56- The Pens come up with a huge PK as the Isles PP expires. Vokoun was huge in the net for the Pens.

5:56- The Pens have a huge PK right now as Cooke takes an interference penalty and the Isles get their 2nd PP of the game.

7:00- Sid gets the puck up to Duper, who fires a hard shot. Nabokov stands up to make the save.

9:01- DUPER SCORES!!! Vitale gets speed down the wing and makes a great pass to the front of the net. Duper is driving towards the net and is able to direct the put in behind Nabokov. Duper ties this game up 2-2!

9:20- The Pens PP couldn't even get anything going and only had one shot on goal. They need to get things together.

11:20- The Pens will get a huge PP chance as Martinek heads to the box for cross-checking.

11:34- TK puts the puck on net and Sutter and Cooke crash the net. Somehow the puck stays out of the net.

13:24- The Pens kill off the Isles PP. Vokoun was huge in the net and came out to challenge Isles on their shots. The Pens need to take this momentum and turn it into a goal, would be a huge game changer. At this point they look like they are just holding on.

15:24- Morrow goes to the box for boarding and the Isles will get the first PP of the game! Not what the Pens need at a time like this.

17:10- Matt Martin gets two huge shots right in front of the net, but Vokoun comes up with huge pad saves. Niskanen takes away the third chance for Martin.

18:35- Grabner takes a shot from the slot area and Vokoun stops it up high, covers the rebound chance for a whistle.

20:00- Second period time! The Pens need to come out and outwork the Isles, win battles, and be more aggressive! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- The first period comes to an end and the Isles take the lead 2-1 late in the period.

0:37- MCDONALD SCORES! Both Pens defenders go behind the net and Grabner wins the battle to give an outlet pass to a wide open McDonald. He puts one over the pad of Vokoun into the net! Isles take the lead 2-1.

1:03- Tanger lets go of a wicked slap shot from the point and Nabokov makes the save.

5:44- The Isles get some time and space in the Pens zone. Vokoun makes a save with traffic in front of the net. The rebound is left in the blue paint and all go for it. Vokoun makes a diving save to whack the puck out of harms way. Close call for the Pens there.

8:32- Sid carries the puck back into the Isles zone with speed and makes a great pass to Iginla flying down the wing. Iginla's wicked wrist shot is stopped by the pad of Nabokov.

12:21- IGINLA SCORES!!! Sid enters the Isles zone with speed and beats the defense. He lets go of a wicked backhanded shot, which Nabokov makes the initial save on. Iginla crashes the net and shoves in the rebound to tie this game up 1-1!

14:24- ISLES TAVARES SCORES! The Pens let the Isles get way to much offensive zone time. Murray and Geno have some confusion in front of the net, which allows for Tavares to get space and time in the slot area. He lets got of a wicked shot and it finds the back of the net. Isles up 1-0

15:30- Orpik lays a big hit on Aucoin! Isles feeding off the loud crowd to start this game!

17:59- The puck is chipped behind Tanger and McDonald tries to get around, but Tanger isn't letting that happen at all. Great defensive play.

20:00- The puck has dropped on game 6! The Pens can eliminate the Islanders tonight with a win! Lets Go Pens! 

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