Monday, March 4, 2013

Pens Host the Lightning! 3/4/13

The Pens have made their way back home after their win Sunday against the Canadiens to host the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Pens look to get on a winning streak after snapping a two game losing streak with a win against the Canadiens. Hopefully the Pens and Flower can hold off the explosive offense of the Lightning and take control of this game early (then keep it throughout the game).

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Cooke, Geno, Neal
Jeffrey, Sutter, TK
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Tanger
Eaton, Niskanen
Despres, Engo 

Flower will be between the pipes!

Play By Play
Pens 4 Lightning 3

3rd Period
0:00- PENS WIN 4-3!!!! The Pens come out with the win over the Lightning and get the two points! Great job by Pens!

0:08- STAMKOS SCORES! Stamkos is able to bat in the puck that ended up hitting Flower in the mask. The Lightning within one. Pens lead 4-3!

0:51- NEAL SCORES!!! Pens clear the puck out of their zone and Geno passes the puck to Neal. He fires one into the empty net! Pens lead 4-2!

1:17- Lightning empty net! Lightning get extra attacker on the ice!

2:49- Lightning have had some good time in the Pens zone, but a lot of back and forth hockey going on right now. Very fast plays and puck movement.

6:08- Neal makes a pass to Geno as he crosses in front of the Lightning net, but the puck just jumps off his stick.

6:56- Pens ice the puck and call a timeout as time whines down in the third period.

12:31- SID SCORES!!! Sid begins the play by stripping the puck from Stamkos. He passes to Tanger, who carries the puck behind the Lightning net to the other side. As the Lightning focus on Tanger, Sid sneaks off to the side. Tanger passes to Sid and he fires a shot from one knee right pass Lindback. Pens take back the lead 3-2!

14:22- GENO SCORES!!! The Lightning turnover the puck and Geno is off to the races. He makes an amazing move to get around the Lightning defense and get to the front of the net. He fires one in the mostly wide open net. This game is tied 2-2!

15:00- Pens kill off the Lightning PP chance.

15:30- Duper gets a SH chance and blast a laser shot, but it goes wide of the net.

17:00- Lightning will get their first PP chance as Niskanen is sent off for interference.

18:41- Cooke charges to the front of the Lightning net and gets a shot off. It is saved by Lindback and Geno tries to jam in the rebound, but Lindback covers the puck up.

20:00- Time for the third period! The Pens look to take back command of this game and get the win! Lets Go Pens! You can do this!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Lightning have taken over the lead 2-1! Pens look to rectify that in the third period!

2:00- Sid just working his magic as he feeds another pass to Kuni in the slot. Lindback makes the save, but the Pens just can't get to the rebound chance.

4:13- Pens PP comes to an end and had some really great chances, but Lindback came up with the saves.

6:13- Pens will get their 3rd PP chance as Brewer is caught for hooking and is sent to the sin bin.

8:01- PAYATT SCORES! Thompson lets go of a high shot and it's redirected by the visor of Payatt up over Flower into the net. Pens now trailing 2-1!

9:09- Flower makes an jaw dropping save going across the goal mouth to make a save on St. Louis, who was right on Flower's doorstep!

9:34- Tanger makes a great lead pass up to Duper, who gets a breakaway chance. However Lightning defender is able to get back in time to get his stick on the puck to disrupt Duper's shot attempt.

12:52- Flower makes a great save through some traffic up high. Really solid in the net for the Pens right now.

16:00- Tanger rings another one off the post!

16:30- Pens TK gets a huge chance, but Lindback is able to reach back a cover up the puck as it was drifting towards the goal line. Such a close one for the Pens.

17:21- STAMKOS SCORES! Stamkos jams in the rebounded shot pass Flower. Nothing Flower could do  on that play. It's tied up 1-1

17:45- Pens PP comes to an end and the Pens had some amazing chances, but can't get one pass Garon! Garon seems in some discomfort and comes off the ice. He is replaced by Lindback.

19:45- Lightning's Hedman is sent off for tripping and Pens get a PP chance.

20:00- Second period time! Pens look to further their lead over the Lightning! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and the Pens have the lead 1-0 over the Lightning thanks to an epic assist by Sid and a great goal by Kuni!

1:23- Flower hugs the post to keep the Lightning's chance out! Great save and awareness by the net minder.

1:58- Pens ice the puck!

3:30- Engo and St. Louis both get cross checking penalties and we will see some 4 on 4 hockey!

4:03- The Lightning are able to kill off the Pens PP. They had some good movement in the beginning, but a bouncing puck made things harder for the Pens to maintain any pressure.

6:03- Pens draw a penalty and will get a PP chance. Lightning Aulie with an interference penalty.

6:30- Tanger takes a shot from the blue line and it hits the post! You could here that all the way down here in Florida!

9:42- Stamkos fires a shot and Flower comes up with a huge save. Flower lays back to prevent the rebound chance at the side of the net. Pens are able to clear the puck and start up ice. (Did I mention the Lightning had a 3 on 1 chance!!!)

10:40- Geno comes flying into the Lightning zone and lets go of a sick backhanded shot then Neal blast the rebound chance. Garon coming up with some big saves.

12:55- Geno battles in the corner for the puck and centers the puck in front of the Lightning net. Cooke tries to jam the puck into the net, but Garon covers it up with his glove.

15:47- KUNI SCORES!!! Sid protects the puck from Stamkos and just schools him. He gets a pass to Kuni in the slot. Kuni rips a shot right pass Garon to put the Pens up 1-0 early in this game!

15:58- Engo and Lightning Labrie drop the gloves in the Pens zone. Both exchange hits and neither one of them gets an upper hand. Even fight.

19:08- Neal makes his way to the slot area and rips a shot, but it goes high and wide of the Lightning net.

20:00- The puck has dropped and the Pens are set to take on the Lightning! Welcome back Geno and It's Hockey Night in Pittsburgh! Lets Go Pens! 

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