Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wave That Penguins Terrible Towel!

By: MF, The Pens Hockey Show

The Penguins are back at Consol for Game two against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs! The Penguins were able to come out victorious on Wednesday and lead the series 1-0. However the Penguins had to dig themselves into a hole giving the Blue Jackets an early lead, but they battled back to get the 4-3 win. The Penguins have to come out ready to battle and put shots on net. They need to forecheck and keep the puck behind the Blue Jackets defense, which will wear them down and fast. The Penguins welcomed back Evgeni Malkin on Wednesday and he contributed right away with an assist on the Penguins first goal. It's time to take a 2-0 series lead and head to Columbus ready to sweep the Blue Jackets! Lets Go Pens!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Gibbons
Jokinen, Geno, Neal
Bennett, Sutter, Stempniak

Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin

Maatta, Niskanen
Scuderi, Tanger

Flower in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 3 Blue Jackets 4 2OT

2OT Period
18:50- CALVERT SCORES! The Blue Jackets keep the puck in the Pens zone. Calvert is left all alone and puts in the rebound chance. Blue Jackets win 4-3 in double overtime. This series is tied 1-1.

19:27- The Pens PP ends.

20:00- The Pens have a 33 second PP to work with! Lets end this game early Pens! Lets Go Pens!

OT Period
0:00- We are still tied up 3-3 and headed to a second OT!

1:27- Comeau takes his seat back in the box for interference and the Pens get a huge PP chance.

3:45- Stempniak gets a chance at a rebound after Bobrovsky makes a save on Sid's shot! The Pens can't get the puck to go in the Blue Jackets net.

5:27- The Blue Jackets use their timeout.

7:35- The Pens PP is over and Johnson is released.

9:35- Johnson visits the box for hooking and the Pens now have a PP chance.

12:35- Everyone is fighting for every inch of ice in this first OT.

16:10- The Pens kill off the Blue Jackets PP and Flower stood strong in the net.

18:10- Martin is heading off for high sticking and the Blue Jackets get a huge PP opportunity.

20:00- Well three periods wasn't enough for the Pens and Blue Jackets! Time for OT! Lets Go Pens!

3rd Period
0:00- We are headed to OT! 3-3 tie game.

2:32- Just an update: Gibbons hasn't returned since he left the ice in the first period.

6:01- JOHNSON SCORES ON THE PP! Johnson picks up the loose puck in front of the net and bangs one home. 3-3 tie game.

6:22- The Pens kill off the 5 on 3 and Blue Jackets with normal PP.

6:29- The Blue Jackets will get a 5 on 3 PP for seven seconds and then a normal PP as Tanger goes off for interference.

8:22- A PP is coming to the Blue Jackets as Scuderi goes off for tripping.

10:32- Flower is just playing an unbelievable game and holding down the fort for the Pens.

12:51- The Pens come up with a huge PK on the Blue Jackets! Flower had some unreal saves on that PK!

14:51- Adams is going off to the sin bin for high sticking and the Blue Jackets are getting a huge PP chance.

16:58- The Blue Jackets kill off another Pens PP. The Pens PP looked better this period, much better than the second period.

19:05- Dubinsky heads off to the box for boarding and the Pens get a PP.

20:00- Third period is underway! The Pens need to get back to grinding and work hard to put the Blue Jackets back on their heels! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Pens still have the lead 3-2 over the Blue Jackets!

0:45- The Blue Jackets hit the post!

2:37- The Pens seem to weather some of the Blue Jackets storm, but need to find the rhythm from the beginning of the game. Flower has been their saving grace for the Pens.

5:23- The Blue Jackets get some huge offensive zone pressure going and Stempniak clears the puck out of desperation, but they ice the puck. Bylsma calls a timeout.

9:19- The Pens PP is over and Comeau is back out of the box.

11:19- Comeau is going back to the box this time for tripping and the Pens get another PP chance.

11:35- The Pens PP ends.

12:29- CALVERT SCORES A SHORTHANDED GOAL! The Blue Jackets pressure the points and the Pens turnover the puck. Only Niskanen is back and the Blue Jackets get a 3 on 1 chance. Flower cheats a little and Calvert rips one over his glove side. 3-2 Pens.

13:35- Comeau takes a roughing penalty in the offensive zone and the Pens head back onto the PP.

15:46- The Blue Jackets are able to kill off the Pens PP.

17:46- Umberger heads to timeout for cross-checking and the Pens get a PP as a result.

18:00- The Blue Jackets PP comes to an end! Flower made some unbelievable saves on the PP! Just unreal PK effort by the Flower!

20:00- Time for the second period! The Pens need to keep up the pressure and not let up! Blue Jackets with a PP to start as Kuni is in the box! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- The first period has come to an end and the Pens have the lead 3-1 over the Blue Jackets!

2:08- NISKANEN SCORES ON THE PP!!! The Nis-Cannon has fired once again and Bobrovsky is helpless to stop it! 3-1 Pens!

2:39- The Pens will get another PP as Dubinsky is sent to sit for slashing.

3:47- The shots are 13-2 in favor of the Pens! This game has a good pace on it and the Pens need to keep up the pressure along with good puck management.  

4:59- Tyutin is released and the Pens PP comes to an end.

6:59- The Pens will now get a chance at the PP as Tyutin takes a holding penalty.

8:15- Gibbons heads off to the locker room after getting an elbow to the head on a play.

9:47- Geno passes the puck off to Jokinen as they enter the offensive zone. Jokinen fires a sharp angle shot and Bobrovsky makes the glove save.

14:52- JOHANSEN SCORES ON THE PP! Johansen gets space in the slot and is able to whip one pass Flower. The Pens lead is cut in half. 2-1 Pens

15:36- GIBBONS SCORES A SHORTHANDED GOAL!! Gibbons shoots out of a cannon to blow pass Wisniewski! He stick handles, tricking Bobrovsky and puts it under his pad! 2-0 Pens!

15:51- The Blue Jackets will get the first PP of the game as Vitale is sent to the sin bin for goalie interference.

16:29- GIBBONS SCORES! Sid gets space and takes the puck into the Blue Jackets zone with a one on one chance! He circles around the net and outlets to Niskanen at the blue line! Nis-Cannon fires and Gibbons gets a piece of it to direct it pass Bobrovsky! 1-0 Pens

17:40- The Pens have come out with speed to start this game and are establishing their hits. They are going after the Blue Jackets and seem to have better puck management.

20:00- The puck has dropped on Game 2! The Pens need to come out with speed and keep the puck in the Blue Jackets zone! Lets Go Pens! 

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