Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Penguins Must Weather the Hurricanes!

The Penguins have prepared Consol Energy Center for a Hurricane! The Carolina Hurricanes are in town to take on the Penguins. The Hurricanes have a 2-1 record to start the season and the Penguins with their own 2-0 record. On the Penguins injury front, both Neal and Letang are still out and no new information is available. Time for the Penguins to weather the Hurricanes!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Jokinen, Malkin, Bennett
Jeffrey, Sutter, Kobasew
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Scuderi, Niskanen
Maatta, Bortuzzo

Flower in the cage!

Play By Play

3rd Period
6:57- JOKINEN SCORES!!!!! HATTER!!! Jokinen fires a rocket shot pass the glove of Ward. The Pens take a commanding lead of 5-2 over the Canes!

8:18- Harrison goes to the box and the Pens will get a PP.

10:46- The Pens call a timeout

11:36- GLASS SCORES!!!! Glass swaps at it once and Ward makes the save. He doesn't give up and puts a backhanded one over Ward into the net. 4-2 Pens

12:30- The Pens have pinned the Canes down in their own zone and a tied Canes unit at that.

14:57- JOKINEN SCORES!!! Geno dances across the blue line to the center of the ice and puts the puck right on Jokinen's stick. He fires a perfect shot over the blocker of Ward! 3-2 Pens

16:47- GERBE SCORES! Gerbe holds the puck to make a move pass Scuderi, who had gone down to block the shot, and Gerbe puts one into the net. Things are tied up 2-2

20:00- Third period time. The Pens need to keep working hard and finish this game up with a win! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Pens have the lead 2-1 over the Canes.

1:32- Geno goes across the ice, fighting and puts it right on the stick of Jokinen. Ward just barely makes the save!

3:35- J.Staal gets speed up the wing, but Flower makes the save and somehow makes the save on the rebound chance!

6:36- E.STAAL SCORES! E.Staal falls down and puts his stick right in the shooting path. The puck redirects off his stick into the goal. The Pens still lead 2-1

7:10- The Canes have a bit of life in them after the PP, but Flower is shutting the door. Solid net minding.

9:38- The Pens kill off the Canes PP.

10:07- Flower with an amazing pad save with J.Staal right on his doorstep! Amazing goal tending by the Flower!

11:38- Niskanen is headed back to the box, this time for holding. The Canes will get a PP to work with.

12:26- Adams gets a chance up ice and takes a shot. Ward bobbles the puck a bit, but is able to cover it up before any Pens players can get to it.

14:56- Kobasew with a hard shot and Ward is able to make the save.

17:36- Both teams are back to full strength.

18:56- MARTIN SCORES!! Martin picks up the rebound off the back board and Martin falls to his knees to be able to backhand one pass the toe of Ward. 2-0 Pens!

19:38- Niskanen and Gerbe head to the penalty box. Niskanen for interference and Gerbe for embellishment. 4 on 4 hockey for two minutes.

20:00- Time for the second period and the Pens need to keep that great momentum from the first period going! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and the Pens have the lead 1-0!

1:30- Sid with a great partial breakaway chance, but decides to make a drop pass to Duper. Canes are able to break up the play.

3:05- Glass and Harrison drop the gloves! Glass makes Harrison regret his decision!

3:19- The line of Duper, Sid, and Kuni has been wreaking havoc on the Canes. Sid works down low and puts one out to Kuni. Kuni puts one on net and the puck goes off the skate of Duper pass Ward. The play was reviewed and the goal was taken away.

5:43- JOKINEN SCORES! Sid starts the play with a perfect pass to Jokinen, right under the stick of J.Staal. Jokinen, stationed in front of the net, is able to kick the puck to his stick and backhand one pass a moving Ward. Amazing play! The Pens get their first PPG of the season! 1-0 Pens

6:08- Harrison falls down and ends up tripping Glass, who would of had a breakaway, so he will head to the box. The Pens will get a PP!

7:29- Jokinen picks up the loose puck in the Canes zone and makes a drop pass to Bennett. He carries the puck to the slot area and fires one at the net. Ward is able to shallow up the puck. Great puck movement by the Geno line.

8:30- Kobasew slips out of a check and nearly sneaks one pass Ward, but he puts the paddle down just in time.

9:20- The Canes are able to kill off the Pens PP.

11:20- Dvorak will be headed to the box for interference and the Pens will get a PP.

12:40- Flower looks sharp to start this game. He makes a quick toe save on a shot from J.Staal.

14:22- Maatta blocks a shot to give a jump start for Kobasew to pick up the loose puck and get a shot on the goal. His shot is block up into the netting.

16:00- Flower makes a shoulder save and pushes the puck to the corner.

17:30- Sutter right on the doorstep of Ward, but Ward makes the pad save and the Canes collapsed around the net.

19:40- The Pens come out flying to start the game and Jokinen rings a shot off the post early!

20:00- The puck drops at center ice and this game is on! Pens vs Canes! Lets Go Pens!

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