Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pens Battle the Buffalo Sabres! 4/23/13

The Pens are back in Pittsburgh to take on the Buffalo Sabres, who are out of the playoffs. The Sabres played last night in an tiring game against the Jets, who are fighting for a playoff chance. So both teams will be a bit tired from playing yesterday. Getting on the board early will be a big deal in this contest. Geno will return to the lineup along with Flower and Tanger.

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Iginla, Geno, Duper
Kuni, Sutter, Cooke
Morrow, Jokinen, Bennett 
Glass, Jeffrey, Adams

Orpik, Tanger
Murray, Niskanen 
Eaton, Engo

Flower between the pipes!

Play By Play
Pens 2 Sabres 4

3rd Period
0:00- Sabres get the win 4-2 over the Pens tonight!

0:32- VANEK SCORES! Vanek puts one in the empty net. Sabres lead 4-2!

1:56- The Pens empty their net!

2:34- OTT SCORES! The puck is up in the air and Ott knocks it down into the net. Refs ruled it a goal and reviewed the play for a high stick. Called it a good goal. Sabres now lead 3-2!

3:23- Tanger makes a rush up from the defensive zone right into the Sabres zone, while stick handling around everyone! His shot is saved by Miller and almost tickles through the fivehole.

5:03- Tanger lets go of a hard slapper that is saved by the stick of Miller. The shot was so hard that it knocked the stick right out Miller's hand.

6:59- Jokinen draws four players to him as he drives to the center. He lays a great pass to a wide open Bennett and fires a shot. Miller makes a diving save and gets a piece of the puck with his arm, making the puck go up over the net.

8:58- IGINLA SCORES ON THE PP!!! Tanger lays a beautiful pass right in the wheelhouse of Iginla. He fires a laser slap shot that blows past the glove of Miller, he had no chance. It's a 2-2 game!

9:30- The Pens will get a big PP chance as the Ehrhoff gets a delay of game penalty.

10:12- Cooke gets a shot off and Miller makes the save laying down. The puck is loose in the blue paint, so Cooke and Kuni go after it. Miller keeps his arm down to keep the puck out of the goal.

13:20- Injury update: Orpik has a lower body injury and will not return to tonight's game.

13:49- HECHT SCORES! Hecht picks up the loose puck in the Pens zone and lets go of a laser shot. The puck goes over the glove of Flower and into the net. Sabres take back the lead 2-1.

14:16- Murray takes a shot from the point and it makes its way through the traffic in front of the net. Miller is able to glove up the puck for the faceoff.

18:10- Pens PP comes to an end. Duper with another chance in the slot, but the Sabres are able to get the puck. Duper is knocking on the door and getting quite a few chances. Feeling him breaking out soon here.

18:20- Bennett centers the puck to Duper and his shot goes up over the net.

19:30- Pens with some great passing on the PP. Ott is in the penalty box to start the period.

20:00- Time for the third period. The Pens have a PP to work with for another 1:50! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the game is still tied at 1-1!

0:10- The Pens will get another PP opportunity as Pardy gets a cross-checking penalty.

0:16- Pens PP comes to an end. Iginla was firing shots left and right, only reason Pens didn't score on that PP was Miller. Great PP for Pens.

2:16- The Pens will head to the PP as Weber is called for holding on Bennett. Ott is tossed from the game with a 10 minute misconduct.

5:00- Geno gets a pass to Duper, who is once again on the Sabres doorstep. Miller makes the pad save on a close shot!

6:28- Bennett goes straight to the net, but the puck is knocked off his stick by the Sabres defense. Then Bennett gets a shot off at the side of the net, but it goes wide of the net.

9:17- Tanger is back on the bench for the Pens. Orpik is still out.

11:04- Vanek gets behind everyone, getting a breakaway chance. Flower is there to deny his shot! Amazing save by the Flower.

11:34- Back to full strength. Tanger heads down the runway to the locker room.

12:30- Tanger and Ehrhoff have a huge collision at the Pens blue line. It was a high hit and he goes down. He gets up and sits on the bench.

13:34- Sabres' goal is waved off as Vanek is called for goalie inteference, he goes to the box. Jokinen is called for holding. Some 4 on 4 hockey.

14:16- Orpik has not come out for the second period. I am not sure why, but will update once I know.

15:22- Geno backhands a pass to Duper at the side of the net, but Miller is there to meet Duper's shot.

20:00- Second period is underway! Time for the Pens to take the lead in this game! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and we have a 1-1 tied game!

0:42- Kuni gets a chance at the side of the net, but Miller is there to make the pad save.

3:22- The Pens are pressuring the Sabres and Niskanen shoots one from the point. Miller makes the save with his blocker.

6:51- KUNI SCORES!!! Kuni gets speed down the wing and whips a hard, snap shot. It goes off the glove of Miller and tickles over the goal line! It's a 1-1 game!

7:11- SABRES VANEK SCORES! Vanek is left unaccounted for in the high slot, he rips a quick shot right pass Flower into the net. Sabres take the early lead 1-0.

8:36- Flower makes a pad save on a quick shot by Gerbe.

10:34- The Pens ice the puck. Shots are 5 to 4 in favor of the Pens.

12:30- Duper, Iginla, and Geno get chances on net, but Miller makes the save and Geno fired one wide of the net. The Pens are really pressuring the Sabres.

14:42- Niskanen gets a shot off from the point and Miller makes the pad save. Duper just isn't able to corral the puck before it's poke off his stick.

18:16- Some great passing by Cooke and Kuni in front of the Sabres net. Kuni gets a shot in the slot, but it's redirected up over the net.

20:00- The puck drops and here we go! Geno is back in the lineup, ready to go! Lets Go Pens!

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