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Pens are in Boston! 4/19/13

The Pens are in Boston to take on the Bruins. After yesterday's events with the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, the game was postponed to this afternoon. Lucky the police force was able to capture the second suspect that was on the loose. That is great news to hear! So now it's time for some hockey. This is a big game as the Bruins are looking to overtake the Montreal Canadiens for their division lead. The Pens will still be without the services of Sid, Neal, Geno, and Martin, but we have seen what they can do even without the top guys in the lineup. Lets continue that with this afternoon's game!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Jokinen, Iginla 
Morrow, Duper, Bennett
Cooke, Sutter, TK
Glass, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Tanger
Murray, Niskanen
Eaton, Engo

Vokoun in the net!

Play By Play
Pens 3 Bruins 1

3rd Period

0:02- SEGUIN SCORES! Seguin gets speed down the wing and is able to flip one pass Vokoun into the net. Pens still leads 3-2!

1:00- Bruins empty net and Bruins call a timeout

1:58- Both teams back to full strength!

3:58- We will get some 4 on 4 hockey as both Vitale and Marchand head to the box for slashing.

5:00- Bruins pressuring the Pens as time is whining down.

10:30- Marchand gets a breadkaway chance and Vokoun makes an amazing pad save! Then while down makes another save on the rebound chance!

11:31- TANGER SCORES ON THE PP!!! Tanger gets space and lets go of a wicked wrist shot. It blows pass the blocker of Rask into the net. Pens now lead by two, 3-1!

11:40- Pens will head to the PP.

15:31- IGINLA SCORES ON THE PP!!! Iginla fires one from the point and pass all the traffic in front of Rask. It finds its way into the net and Pens take the lead 2-1! Bruins fans booing every time Iginla gets the puck...keep it up...he feeds off of them!

16:35- Jokinen is mugged in front of the Bruins net by Marchand. He gets sent to the box for roughing and the Pens get a PP chance.

18:44- Pens PP comes to an end. Kuni with the best chance on the PP.

19:01- Great passing and Kuni is all alone in front of the net. Rask robs Kuni!

20:00- Third period time and the Pens have a PP to work with for another 1:15! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and we are tied 1-1! Pens had better looks at the Bruins net during this period.

0:45- Jagr gets a hooking penalty and the Pens will head back onto the PP!

0:49- Pens back at full strength!

1:45- Bruins now have a PP.

2:50- Tanger is hit and Jokinen goes to take up for him. He is sent to the penalty box and we got some 4 on 4 hockey.

3:45- Cooke lays a punishing hit on McQuaid, clean hit. Chara goes after Cooke and takes him down. Players gather at the boards. Bruins get a penalty as Chara takes a seat and the Pens get a PP.

4:40- Bruins with a good kill and the Pens don't get anything on the PP. Zero shots recorded on the PP.

6:40- Pens will get a PP chance as Peverley is sent to the sin bin for high sticking.

7:05- Bruins trap the Pens in their own zone and crash the net. Vokoun isn't letting them have anything. Craziness ensues after the whistle blows.

9:53- Bruins get a 3 on 2 chance and Krejci gets a shot in the slot. Vokoun makes a huge pad save. He has been making back to back saves. Really on it right now.

11:02- Vokoun with a great save, getting a piece of a Bruins shot with his blocker. He came way out of the net to cut down the angle.

14:50- JOKINEN SCORES!!! Glass is mugged in front of the Bruins net, but Jokinen keeps his eye on the puck. He gets to the puck and backhands one right over the glove on a sprawling Rask. 1-1 tie game!

16:01- Krejci's chance is taken away, thanks to the quick glove of Vokoun!

17:35- Vokoun with a great pad save on Marchand. Pens need more offensive zone time, they are spending to much time in their own zone.

18:44- Back to full strength!

18:59- Pens on the PK!

20:00- Second period is underway! Pens need to take control of this game and put some points on the board! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and the Bruins have the early lead 1-0!

0:59- Niskanen gets an interference call and we will have some 4 on 4 hockey.

1:22- Soderberg gets a penalty and the Pens will head to the PP!

2:04- Iginla and Horton drop the gloves! No punches really landed in the fight, both pull it other down to the ice.

3:56- Pens are able to kill off the Bruins PP!

5:56- Bruins will head back to the PP as TK gets a slashing penalty.

9:42- MARCHAND SCORES ON THE PP! Marchand gets a some speed down the wing and makes a move to get around the defense. His shot tickles through the pads of Vokoun and into the net. Bruins take the early lead 1-0.

10:29- Cooke will head to the box for slashing and the Bruins get a PP.

11:49- Glass and McQuaid drop the gloves! Glass lands some impressive punches on McQuaid! I am thinking Glass won that one.

11:59- Bennett gets space and time. He makes some slick moves to get a chance at the net. Rask makes an unreal glove save! Pens best chance so far in this game.

16:10- Vokoun made three great saves back to back. Bruins really bringing it to the Pens in their own zone. Pens on their heels right now.

17:39- Really good, hard working shift by TK, Sutter, and Cooke. Had a great chance in the slot, but the puck went wide of the net.

20:00- The puck has dropped and this game is on! Lets Go Pens! Amazing tribute before the game...gave me goosebumps from home. 

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