Friday, October 22, 2010

Pens vs. Predators game review (4-3 W)

First Period
Flower gets a chance to get a win as he starts in the goal. Sid's line is the first to start and Sid wins the faceoff. The Pens looked good, but they got held up behind their net and Predators Legwand scored the first goal. This was not the start Flower wanted, but he didn't let it get to him. Flower made some awesome saves, Predators where right on his doorstep and he came up with the big saves. Sid had some good chances, but the Predators goalie Rinne came up with some of his own big saves. Duper gets a penalty for interference, but the Pens kill it. Predators (Legwand) gets a penalty for hooking Geno. The Pens had some great chances on the powerplay, but the Pens fail to capitalize on their powerplay. Coach Bylsma puts the two-headed monster (Sid and Geno) on the ice and they begin to create some great offensive chances. The Pens defense looked good and was blocking quite a few scoring chances the Predators had and Flower was looking good. Martin scored a goal right when time expired and it wasn't counted. SCORE 0-1 (Predators leading)
Second Period
The Pens come out hungry to get a goal. Comie shots the puck and Geno shots the rebound a scores (his 3rd of the season). The Pens get a penalty for to many men on the ice. Flower makes some huge saves and the Pens kill the Predators powerplay. Then Sid gets a penalty for cross-checking Tootoo (personally Tootoo was asking for it). Unfortunately, the Predators score (Franson). There were lots of bodies in front of Flower. On the bright side, Geno slams Tootoo in the boards and then Klein comes to fight Geno. Engelland jumps in and fights Klein. Awesome fight and Engelland had some great hits. The Pens go on a powerplay as a result. The Pens don't score. Then Gogo slamed Hornqvist into the boards, giving Sullivan (Predator) a break away and Flower makes an awesome glove save. Sid scores (5th of the season) by hitting it off Rinne's pads and into the net. Then Geno almost scores, but it hits Sid in front of the net. Rupp gets a cross-checking penalty, even though a Predator player runs into Flower and Rupp was just helping out. Very physical game. Sid and Geno where the driving forces of the game. SCORE 2-2 (tie)
Third Period
The Pens start this period on the penalty kill, but the Pens successfully kill the Predators powerplay. Predators get a hooking penalty and Pens go on the powerplay. Rinne robs the Pens of any goals on the powerplay. Hornqvist (Predators) scores on a Predators offensive rush. The two-headed monster has some amazing shots on net, but Rinne is always there to make the save. Sid and Geno are putting on a show and doing great. Erat (Predators) and Gogo get penaltys. 4-on-4 hockey. Later on, Sid scores off a rebound shot (6th of the season). Rinne (Predators) gets penalty for delay of game. Pens fail to score on the powerplay. SCORE 3-3 (tie)

Overtime (4-on-4 hockey 5 mins)
Pens go out look aggresive and physical. Flower makes a save and goes over his shoulder and Duper comes to the rescue, by pushing the puck away from the goal line. Sid drops the puck off to Tanger who scores on a lazer shot at the blue line. Tanger becomes the player of the game.
Stars of the game
#1 Tanger
#2 Sid
#3 Geno

Good job PENS keep it up!!!

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