Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pens off to a rocky start, but are now back on track

The season started with the home opener against the Flyers. Unfortunately, the Pens lost 2-3! Then the Pens lost another home game to the Canadiens (2-3). The Pens went on the road to play the Devils and came out with an 3-1 victory. Then the Pens returned home to face the Maple Leafs and did not come out with a W (losing 3-4)!!! Whem it seem the Pens where going to struggle some more in the new arena, they beat the Islanders 3-2 in overtime. Thus winning the first home game of the season!!! The Pens seemed to have hit somewhat of a winning streak now. Beating the Flyers 5-1 in Philadelphia and our captain Sid scored two goals and had an assist that night!! The Senators came to visit the Pens last Monday and it was Gonch's first time in the new arena. The Pens welcomed him by beating the Sens 5-2 and Sid once again scored a goal and had an assist in that game!!

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