Sunday, February 19, 2017

Penguins host Red Wings

By: MF, 

The Pittsburgh Penguins host the Detroit Red Wings for 'Hockey Day in America.' The Penguins are not always the best during afternoon games, but they should be able to get the job done regardless.

Well it's game time! The Penguins need to watch out for a desperate Red Wings team, who are last in the Eastern Conference. That means they will be desperate to get those points and that can be trouble. The Penguins need to stick to their game, stay out of the box, and get on the offensive early! Lets Go Pens!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kunitz - Crosby - Guentzel 
Hagelin - Malkin - Hornqvist
Wilson - Bonino - Kessel
Kuhnhackl - Cullen - Fehr

Dumoulin - Letang
Cole - Ruhwedel
Daley - Oleksy

Murrey in the net!

Play by Play
Pens 2 Red Wings 5

3rd Period
0:00 - This game is finished and the Red Wings come out with the 5-2 victory. The Pens had some sloppy plays that the Red Wings took advantage of and the Pens didn't capitalize on their own chances.

0:51 - Glendening scores. Glendening gets the empty netter. 5-2 Red Wings.

1:30 - Murray is once again back on the bench.

1:37 - Bonino is set free.

2:04 - Hagelin gets a tripping penalty and Kronwall for slashing. Four-on-three Red Wing power play for 27 seconds.

2:06 - Empty net for the Pens.

2:38 - Only three shots for the Pens during all their power play time. That is unacceptable.

2:49 - Red Wings with a power play for 1:12.

3:37 - 48 seconds of four-on-four. Bonino takes a bad high-sticking penalty.

4:49 - Tatar high-sticks Hagelin and will head to the box. Power play chance for the Pens.

6:30 - Athanasiou comes flying down the wing and fires a quick shot that beats Murray, but it doesn't beat the goal post!

8:13 - Well power play time is up and the Pens were unable to capitalize.

10:13 - Power play time for the Pens as Ott goes for interference. The Pens need to make something of this chance.

11:06 - Letang is set free.

11:26 - Kuhnhackl gets a breakaway chance, but fires a shot wide. Not even close.

12:53 - Pens kill off Cole's penalty and now have 1:47 left to kill on Letang's penalty.

13:06 - Terrible. Red Wings with a five-on-three power play for 13 seconds as Letang goes for slashing.

14:53 - Not a good time to take a penalty. Cole will head to the box for tripping and the Red Wings bring out their power play unit.

15:53 - Great response by Crosby, but the Pens have to keep it going. They still have a hill to climb.

17:37 - CROSBY SCORES! Crosby works to get the puck after losing the face-off in the neutral zone and comes into the offensive zone with Guentzel on his wing! Crosby lets go of a quick shot that goes five-hole on Mrazek. 4-2 Red Wings.

17:44 - Vanek scores. The defense backs up allowing Vanek to skate into center with space. He roofs one over the shoulder (blocker side) of Murray. 4-1 Red Wings.

19:33 - Tatar scores. Zetterberg and Tatar with a give and go in front of the net. Tatar gets the last pass and wrist one past Murray. 3-1 Red Wings.

20:00 - The third period is underway! The Pens need to put the pressure on the Red Wings and wear them down! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00 - Horn sounds to end the second period and the Pens still trail the Red Wings 2-1.

1:37 - Bonino and Kessel look to have a quality scoring chance, but they pass one too many times.

3:02 - Another power play for the Pens comes to an end. They only had one shot on that power play chance.

5:02 - The Pens are headed right back onto the power play as Jensen slashes Bonino's stick. The Pens need to make sure they take advantage and not let the Red Wings have all the chances to score.

5:10 - Just as the power play for the Pens draws to a close, Murray denies Sheahan on his shorthanded chance. Red Wings had better chances then the Pens on that power play.

7:10 - Now the Pens will get a chance on the power play as Jensen receives a tripping penalty.

10:23 - Mrazek commits highway robbery on Bonino. Mrazek moves right to left to deny Bonino's backhanded shot with a glove save.

12:55 - Wilson's drive is denied by Mrazek.

14:24 - The pace of the game has picked up from the first period, but that is mostly due to less stoppages in the second.

16:55 - Crosby and Mantha rejoin their respective teams on the ice.

18:31 - Malkin feeds a pass up to Cole with some space on the wing. Mrazek is just able to get the blocker out to direct the puck wide. Great play and great save.

18:55 - Crosby and Mantha exchange some words and hits behind the play. They will both sit for slashing. Four-on-for hockey.

20:00 - Second period time! The Pens need to clean up their game and pressure Mrazek! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00 - That will bring an end to the first period as the Pens trail the Red Wings 2-1.

1:39 - Murray with a huge stop on Nielsen's point blank shot.

3:31 - Ott scores. Sheahan slides a pass to Ott skating through the slot area. Ott takes the puck to the side of the net and backhands one past Murray. 2-1 Red Wings.

4:28 - That was a very successful penalty kill for the Pens.

5:58 - KUHNHACKL SCORES A SHORTHANDED GOAL! Letang intercepts a Red Wing pass in the defensive zone and brings it up to the neutral zone! He makes a perfect pass to Kuhnhackl, who has a step on Kronwall! He fires it past Mrazek! 1-1 tie game.

6:28 - Malkin will get the first penalty of the game for high-sticking, sending the Red Wings onto the power play.

6:42 - About 25 face-offs already in this period.

8:37 - There are a lot of stoppages and it is making it hard for the Pens to get to their speed game. The Red Wings did play yesterday, but these whistles are helping in the rest department.

11:12 - Jensen scores. Red Wings get a two-on-one breakaway. Jensen holds and fakes the shot to freeze Murray. He pulls the puck back and around the outstretch glove of Murray. 1-0 Red Wings

11:32 - Pretty solid start for the Pens. Letang with some good plays to enter the offensive zone.

14:58 - Shots are 5-2 in favor of the Pens.

17:38 - Kessel gets a breakaway, but he is denied by Mrazek.

20:00 - It's a mid-day hockey game in Pittsburgh! The Pens are taking on the Red Wings! They need to stay focus, play smart, and get on the offensive early! Lets Go Pens! 

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